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Post deleted by stephen0porter

Post deleted by stephen0porter
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SPACEBAAL free promotion

Ihave just loaded ‘Space Baal’ for a free promotional download at Amazon. Hereis the link;

Itis to start Friday September 6th, 2013 and run to midnight SundaySeptember 8th, 2013. You can download a free app for your computeron the lower right side of the page called ‘free kindle reading apps’. Opens anew page and you pick your device to download it free. Enjoy.


SPACEBAAL’ is a Christian/science fiction and, until now, I have neverheard of such a category. I have not been able to post this on any categorywhere Christianity and Science Fiction are listed together.

Thehero, Abraham Peters, is a devoted Christian acting as God has commanded himand built a powerful space ship, complete with three hologram control panels hemade to look like his daughters. They run the ship, Charity, through some teststo see how it works. The atmosphere, temperature and shields are controlled by,Hope, another of the girl image holograms and the fiery red headed, Faith,controls the weapons and long range sensors.

Retiredtruck driver, Abe (short for Abraham) and his wife, Mary, test the ship inspace travels and planetary excursions until the real reason God wanted it builtarrives, unannounced, to battle the governments of this earth for dominance.Abe works the bugs out of the ship until the final battles and hopes he has theskill and power to overcome the worst enemy the world could face.