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God is real and hears you when you call on hi

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God is real and hears you when you call on hi

I don't relly know how to phrase all that I want to say about this but a great deal of the secret of my relationship with the Lord is because of whom the unique gift my wife is my life.

During the period of the heart difficulty I was attacked with; the doctors I had talkED with me on a regular basis about being prepared to die. My wife wouldn't hear them and for over three years never allowing the negative to have place prayed for me twice a day. After the time that i became involved with praize Sarah as much as possible became part of that prayer not so much for me as it was to the strength my wife had in place.

The people that new the inside of this and how seriously the doctors spoke of this were the only ones we related this to.

A lot of folks get involved in the feare of the issue and forget where the authority is. You see no matter what a doctor says does change the seat of God's authority.

For this period every morning that came before walking out that door ;my wife would put her arms around me and prayed taking her authority in the Lord and reminding him of what was given when he brought us together in covenant. In,2005. after taking me off the transplant list she simply rejoiced in the lord over this every day.

We had the chance many times to become discouraged also,we lost all that we had three times including homes we had. It would take pages to list the things that were lost but let me simply say this you know what the last chapter of Job is real because he never forgets where you are and what you had because he is a God of restoration.

In this period the Doctors declared my heart health as significantly good as if i had had the transplant.

Because of the heart condition,diabetes, arthrits and a significant problem calcium they said that I would be blind because of cataracts in the next few years. Ihad to quit driving in late 2006 at nite because i couldn't see. It became quite humiliating to have to be driven every where.

My wife has a problem and so does Satan every time he messes with us she goes to prayer. When i had the thyroid problem and was very near death she prayed for me mentally, emotionally and spiritually committed me into the hands of the Lord and after surgery began went home to care for the dogs. She got back to the hospital as they were taking me out of recovery and god never missed a beat in her answering her prayer.

Coming into the time for the eye surgeries she began to pray every morning and evening again and though cataract surgeries are some of the simplest operations there are, the medicos acknowledged without the intervention of the LORD I would NOT have enjoyed the success freom the surgeries i have. Iam driving in the daylight with out corrective lens and using only shades and see better and more clearly than I did with the prescriptive glasses.

So many marriages are going under in the body of Christ that people don't seem to understand their responsibilty and position in marriage. The Lord gives each partner in relationships in marriage a position and responsibilty and most often many of us fail to understand where we belong in that relationship. If my wife had not have understood her position in these times was to carry me in her heart daily to the Lord and know without doubt that he heard, things might have been much different.

When my first wife passed on I said to the Lord I did not want marriage again unless the new partner to me could what his love was in marriage and he did and gave me a gift

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Praise God for your testimony, that is awesome how you and your first wife stuck it out, even though the road was pretty rough for a while and how he blessed you with another special woman. So many people hit the smallest bump in the "marriage" road and are ready to give it up, rather than using that to strengthen their marriage. After all, our vows say for better or worse, in sickness and in health, they do not say, as long as every thing is peachy and each spouse is healthy. God bless you.
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Praise God for your wife and I'm so glad for this good testimony of marriage beacause so many have bad marriage testimonies, including mine. I know your wife is so very close to the Lord and has strong faith and also loves you very much. Most couples don't act like they take the marriage vows seriously and it's because they lack the love and obedience to God. If we really have the fruits of the spirit, then we can endure anything with Christ, even sick disabled spouses. Of course, there is a oneness in the spirit that surpasses the physical there. That makes it all what God intended it to be.