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help for overcomers

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help for overcomers
It was out of warfare that I was moved to be concerned about others who don't know what to do.

remember this: God loves you and therefore he is in full control. He is allowing that thing to happen in your life for a reason. That's where we learn trust. He will never suffer you to be tempted above that which you are able to bare.

One of the greatest victory messages you will ever hear is the crucified life message. No matter what--- it is ---- that your going through you can control your will. God has given you that priviledge. You can be tempted but not forced to do anything.

If you find yourself driven to do something all the time it is God's way of showing you he wants to help you deal with it.

You must show the Lord you want his help. You must have his Holy Spirit help you. the cross is where you must at any given moment say I cease all my flesh action and apply the word of God at that moment.

example-- You go to order your food from the fast food restaurant. you travel several miles home and find half your food isn't there. You are tempted to be angry.

You have to nip it and say I refuse to be angry. You are also tempted to be unloving to the person who forgot. The devil may have caused them to forget. If you spoil your testimony they could go to a hell for all eternity. You don't want that so you pray I forgive them.

God has wonderful ways of fixing those problems, we must just praise him. Yes fill your mind with praise. You must have a relationship with a living God--Jesus if you want him to bring you peace in conflicts.

The anger is exposed now kill it and praise God instead. Why?? because in his presence there is peace and he can at that point of your faithfulness manifest a blessing for your obedience. I kid you not , His marvelous things are always happening for me.

No two sides of the fence with God, we must be total commited to him, he must be our whole life. We must fill up our minds with the word of God so no other thoughts can occupy. In heaven it will be impossible to think about anything else.

Jesus blood is as real as any thing on earth, it purchased our full-- redemption. When we say the blood of Jesus we are saying that blood purchased any promise we confess. If it is to say a promise of protection like Ps. 91: we say the blood of Jesus gave me the right to believe God for protection according to Ps. 91:

testimony-- when on the way to work in the winter monthes, My vehicle went into a hydroplane. It was a solid sheet of ice. the vehicle headed for a cliff and would result in my death. I shouted the name of Jesus and all of a sudden my tires made the sound like it was dry road under the tires. the vehicle stopped and at the edge of the cliff was before me. I turned left and was driving and praising God. He saved my life and his faithfulness has done that many more times.

By the way I haven't been to a Dr. or even had a aspirin for almost 40 years. All because of Isa. 53:5 The atoning blood of Jesus purchased the healing of my body. Even when at death's door. praise God. to be continued. Love---