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Spiritual Warefare in my church

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Spiritual Warefare in my church
Hey everyone..
So, this is also a prayer request..
I work at a church as a secretary. I have been there for 5 years. I have done everything the Pastors ask me to do, usually with no problem.. I've taken minutes for the last 5 years, I have had no issues with that.. till now..
There's a pastor in my church, Lorne. I see no heart for Jesus there. He is always worried about the church building and how the building looks rather than how people's hearts look - (and he's even concerned with how people look.. and he gets mad if people come to church with jeans on.. but, Lorne can wear skinny jeans and a hat to church)
Then there's another Pastor, Pastor Ed. He is the Administrator Pastor.
There's a lady named Dallas, she worked in Finance.
And the Senior Pastor, Pastor Wayne.
I find all of these people I have mentioned are nothing but bullies. I feel there is something wrong in the church.. something they are hiding. And.. Pastor Ed is married, but he is having an emotional affair with Dallas. Every time I pass those 2,
I get a sick feeling in my stomach.. my gut knows they have something going on.. And always trust your gut, right?
There's another Pastor, Pastor Larry. Pastor Larry does 'Care' needs. Larry is the only pastor who is NEVER AT CHURCH.. Simply because he is the ONLY pastor who counsels people, visits people in the hospital...
Larry has the biggest heart for God ever... Larry is so popular.. everyone loves him... that is except for these people I mentioned.. Lorne, Ed, Dallas, Wayne... these 4 do not like Larry... they find anything and everything wrong with Larry.
The sermons are timed on Sundays... Lorne and Wayne preach some Sundays.. Ed does not preach.. he is too busy doing nothing.. Larry preaches too, but Larry loves being led by the Holy Spirit. Whenever Larry feels led by the Holy Spirit, and if he goes over the timer for his sermons, he gets talked about in the staff meetings.
And sometimes, Larry gets sick or he is emergencies he has to deal with on the day of our staff meeting.
A few months ago, Larry was not in the staff meeting because he had a dieying person he had to visit in the hospital.
Wayne told me not to put what they were talking about Larry about in the minutes. When Larry came back, I was the first person to tell him what happened in staff. They got at mad at Larry because he went 10 minutes over!!
Nobody knows that I told Larry what was said in the meeting... and Larry pretends he doesn't know what happened.
So, I am the mole.. no one knows it..
So now.. I'm starting to feel the pressure...
I just had an evaluation with Ed and Dallas.. and now, all of a sudden.. I am getting in trouble for things that are not true. And I know Lorne is saying all this false accusations against me.
So, I totally feel this spiritual warefare at my church.. I have to plead the Blood of Jesus Christ around me, I always wear my cross necklace to work.. - I find that really helps..
Anyway, everyone... I need your prayers.. please pray that I can get a new job.
And please pray that Larry can get a new job.
Thank you all...

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