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Terror Attack in New York...

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Terror Attack in New York...
Once again I find myself asking for your prayers for a terror attack. Luckily, there was only one culprit. And now he is dead. A relief for those of us that care what happens here in this world. One less terrorist is a good thing. I look for the life, one day, with no terrorists.

I'm not sure of my results here, and I will change them should I hear otherwise. (And feel free to PM me with more accurate results.) I just wanted to get prayers started here.

I do not know how many were killed. I believe last I heard was eight. Nor do I know how many were hospitalized. I will add that later when I have more knowledge. But for now, there are families that need our prayers.
Blessings ~ Sarah

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My prayers have been with them since the event took place. Like you, I don't know the numbers but, God does and the names of each family so, He realizes who we are speaking of.
While I am at it, For about two weeks now the name of Brother Casmire (a missionary to Haiti, has suddenly popped into my head. I take that as the Holy Spirit telling me to pray for an individual when it happens so, I stop what I am doing and pray. I don't know the need but, I am sure something is going on. Please join me in prayer for him and his work for the glory of God.