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I need prayer, as I have just been released from the hospital. This was my 3rd hospital stay and the longest, also.

Because of the fact that I am a diabetic, these 3 stays in the hospital was for surgery of my legs. Originally all that needed to be removed (amputated) was my feet. That was fine for about 6 weeks, when they had to bring me back in to amputate them higher. This time they amputated both thru the knee. Within a week the stumps became infected and they ended up amputating everything including the hips. So now I need to learn to live in a wheelchair and the floor.

So I am asking for prayer for my rehab and that nothing more will go wrong. I really want to start living again. Pray for my family, also, that they can accept me now and get on with their own family lives.

I am praising God for a total healing of my shorter torso now. And that He will sorround my family and love them, too.


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Re: [legless52] Newbie In reply to
Father, You hear the request of Your son. Lord, I stand in agreement with him for the healing of his body and for Your love to his family.
Lord, I ask that You will invade the family in a new way. I pray that they will open their hearts to You as You encompass them with Your love. Holy Spirit surroung them like a cloud, giving them a love for one another and for You that they have never experienced before. Go ahead of them and guide them along this new path, making their crooked roads straight.Open their hearts in a new way to receive You and live Your life out through then. I thank You, Father, that You always hear and answer my prayer. In Jesus' Name, amen.
Blessings ~ Sarah
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Re: [praizeop2] Newbie In reply to
Father, in Jesus' name I am in agreement with sister Sarah about that healing. I pray Your anointing falls all over your son. Amen
Be fishers of men.....DG