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I'm from Peru

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I'm from Peru
Hi, God blessing you everyday and to say that I'm looking for new friend around the world and to know differents cultures...

I hope to know you soon....
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Re: I'm from Peru In reply to
Welcome to you from central Wisconsin! We're happy to have you as a member of, the fastest growing Christian website on the internet, aside from and also the new site To help you learn all about what Praize has to offer I suggest that you take the tour that we have located at:

We have so many ways to meet others here through the clubs,

forums, chat and instant messenger. I hope to see you around

this awesome community.

Our chat rooms are located at the below URL:

Here is our free instant messenger link:

If you ever need any assistance don't hesitate to ask me, any member, PraizeOP or at the Help Desk. God bless you and once again Welcome to Praize.

Shell D - SingPraiz4Hym/Forums Moderator

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Re: I'm from Peru In reply to
Hi, Peru. I am from Chicago. As the Christmas holiday approaches, I feel quite lonely. My family is not as united as it should be and I don't have that many friends. Loneliness is wrong. I am trying to find common ground with others, but in this world of fornication, drugs, violence, and having children out of wedlock it's hard to find common ground with others. I'll keep searching, though. So what provoked you to posta message on this board? Do you ever visit the United States?
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Re: [Moon light] I'm from Peru In reply to
Hi Moonlight,

I am from India. Can we be friends?

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Re: [DRMGideon] I'm from Peru In reply to
Hi, Dr.G,
Unfortunately, Moonlight has not been on Praize for some time. But since Praize is a Christian website, I'm sure there are others who would be happy to get to know you here. Feel free to look around and answer Forums or post a blog, as the mood hits you!

Please read the Terms of Service. They can be found at the bottom right corner of every Praize page under Terms & Agreements. Or you can just go to . If you have any questions, you can Private Message me at the top of every page.

Welcome and enjoy!
Blessings ~ Sarah