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Being alone can be a good thing...

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Being alone can be a good thing...
Being alone isn't always a bad thing because it gives a person time to relax and discover more about themselves. It's amazing the things you learn about yourself when you're forced to spend enough time alone to have to deal with yourself. I've been divorced twice now and I used to feel so sad about being alone. I suspect this time of lonliness is time that the Lord is spending helping me to get myself figured out so that perhaps the next time I'm in any kind of relationship I will be better equipped to be in it. I don't really have much in the way of friends. I spend 95% of my time by myself...all day...every day...7 days a week. That's what I call being alone! And I'm ok with that. I'm reclusive by nature anyway so, it's alright. God has shown me things about myself that caused other relationships in my life to fail. Yes, I am ever looking for that one fella...the one that will be "til death do us part." But, until then...I'm ok with hangin with myself. Whistle I also like to use all this alone time to try to improve my spiritual life. So, don't be sad about being alone...look at it as a time of self-awareness. At 46 I don't have the time or patience for a bad relationship. I want one that will last. Like God's love...everlasting. We often use others as a crutch. We might think we can't be truly happy unless we have someone in our lives. We often forget that we have God and He truly is more than enough.

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