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I'm on My Way to Heaven!

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I'm on My Way to Heaven!
I had a thought this morning. I had walked a mile in beautiful Sedona, AZ. I intended to walk longer but was a little late getting started and felt it was too hot to go further. When I got on line, I read Praize member Roundtable's blog which can be found at:

and it started me thinking some rambling thoughts. My father died when I was four. We were members of the Methodist church. So I knew about "my father which art in heaven". I started praying to go to heaven to be with Daddy and I have never stopped. Seventy-one years later (and slightly wiser... although you may not think so if you read on) my prayer has never changeed. Only now I cry "when, Lord, when"?

So I thought, this morning, what if I made a sign that said, "I'm on my way to Heaven" and started walking...
(Of course I would have to wait a few months because of the temperatures here, like I said in the first paragraph.) I wonder which way I would head and how long it would take for the police to pick me up and institutionalize me!

I just thought I would put this out there and get your thoughts and maybe put a smile on your face.
What are YOU thinking about this morning?
Blessings ~ Sarah