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Male Gynecologists

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Male Gynecologists
Am I the only guy that has an issue with his wife visiting a male gynecologist? What is your take on this and how does this influence your marriage?

No I’m not married, but will probably get engaged next year and this has been sitting at the back of my mindCrazy...
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Re: [forsaken] Male Gynecologists In reply to
Don't condemn yourself for your feelings!!! When it comes to medical help now the field is about equivalently balanced between men and women. When my wife was going through the cancer problems I went with her to the doctors and many of them were men and very good at their profession. When the problems began I asked God for his best for healing & deliverance to come in his way and to meet on her level. It was his miracle.
Now let me ask you something suppose you have to go for a colonoscopy(hope that's right) and the doctor is female, how is your wife to feel?
Any time the question of male or female has a bearing in this maybe some of your sexual values are out of line and you need to pray over this------------I DID
m7th--circle of revival
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Re: [m7th] Male Gynecologists In reply to
Your right it goes both ways and yes I have already made peace with the idea that I can't be exempted form any expectation I place on her. if and that is a pretty big big big IF I am ever forced by death and God to go (unwillingly, kicking and screamingWink) for a colonoscopy or any other freaky procedure I will respect my wife by as far as possible not going to a female doctor or nursehuh?

I am unsure what to make of the whole gyno thing, it feels to me as if some other man got a socially acceptable way of committing almost adultery, have his way with your wife and you just need to 'accept' and 'deal with it'. To me this seems like a deal breaker

Yes I realize that her health and safety should take priority over my feelings, but am I unreasonable to expect her to respect me by seeing female gyno's as far possible?

Recently these thoughts have become somewhat of an obsession and is eating away at me. I fear that this could lead to major issues in our relationship one day.
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Re: [forsaken] Male Gynecologists In reply to
I know that this is a male thread, but I think it is equally important to women.

The most important thing is that you discuss your feelings with the person that you intend to marry. There is no reason why she shouldn't go to a female doctor and just solve the problem that way without making it a big deal to either of you. Just my opinion.
Blessings ~ Sarah

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Re: [praizeop2] Male Gynecologists In reply to
I have discussed my feelings with her before but she didn't give me a straight answer and neither did I push her for one. Which lead me to posting this thread in wondering if this was just an insecurity on my part and if I was out of line or unreasonable in my request.

However after I have read your post I have subtlety touched on the topic again and she confirmed her agreement with the argumentSmile

Thank you for lending me your ear and advice