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Prayer answered in seconds

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Prayer answered in seconds
Most of you may have heard something about the weather here in Central Florida yesterday and Saturday. Winds in some places reached hurricane strength,with rain averaging about 7 inches and with large hail.

Yesterday about one hour after it started in midmorning it grew as black as night and we began to get violent straight line winds with hail and rain so heavy you could not see across the street.

This type of weather usually indicates a tornado is near. The wind direction shifted every few minutes. I walked around the house stopping at a front window looking toward a dying tree in our front yard. I began to pray some in the Spirit and the rest by the Spirit, pleading a blood covering protection by my covenant over the house and property and all life in it.

I turned to go look in the rest of the property and seconds after I turned away a limb fell less than 5 feet from the house.

The limb is approximately 16-20ft long and weighs several hundred pounds. The tree is an old oak.You can surmise what the limb might have done had it reached me in the house. As far I am concerned that area was five feet short of the house where the limb was my prayer area,you can chose not to accept what I say; doesn't matter I can go look at the limb and that image is so loud I can believe nothing else might be said.

Something else here: this is our freewill to receive his Grace and favor in our greatest moment of need.