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Here Comes Santa Claus!!!

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Here Comes Santa Claus!!!
I wanted to bring in a less serious note and so am wondering what everyone is doing about Christmas this year!

I just went to Home Depot and bought some poinsettias! ...With Jim working out of town, it doesn't seem to make much sense to put up a tree... although I do totally love them. I think my love of the Christmas tree is because it was a time of my childhood that was enjoyable. I saw on TV the other day where a person could pay up to $1000 for a tree this year! WHEW!!! What a waste of money! I remember when $15 was considered an expensive tree.

We walked down to the tree lot which was probably about half a mile from home. It was Mom, sister, and me. I remember that sometimes we took a wagon and sometimes the three of us carried it back up the hill to the house... usually through snow! I think we paid between $3 and $8 for our tree.

We had family for Thanksgiving this year, so I don't expect anyone for Christmas. Since it is on a Sunday, Jim will be home anyway. We haven't talked much about what we will do. I kind of missed out on turkey leftovers at Thanksgiving, so maybe we can do a turkey for Christmas. Definitely something to consider! What are you eating?

Looking forward to enjoying vicariously your Christmas day! Let me hear from you!
Blessings ~ Sarah

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Hi Sarah.

Sorry some folks are so serious. Whistle

We always get together for Christmas Eve dinner…Spaghetti, salad and Italian garlic toast is the tradition for us. My sister and her husband join the gang on Candleberry Lane and we exchange gifts with them. We are supposed to keep it low-cost, token gifts. Consumable gifting is what I go for. We all have enough stuff to fill up our shelves. Or music, candles, foamy soaps…stuff we don't buy ourselves because we are all cheap.

I remember $8 trees. Mom liked a live tree, but shifted over to artificial in her later years. I like my artificial tree, but I have no room for it now, as we have split our house in two. It is a big and full tree….heavy sigh.

I always felt bad about taking the live-cut tree down and trashing it. On the farm, I always took it into the woods to rest among its relatives. I prefer not killing a tree for decoration.

I think I will find a good sized fiber optic tree…cheap, I hope... to put on the table. There is no way I can put up our big one. Frown

The farm bunch gathers for breakfast and more modest gift giving among us. Then the kids go off to other families for whatever celebrations they are having. This way the in-laws get to have Christmas dinner with their and spend the afternoon gift giving with them.

I have been playing my Celtic Christmas music and Mannheim Steamroller since Thanksgiving was over, but will move into more traditional Christmas music. Actually, I keep my Celtic Christmas CDs out all year, since it is not traditional but just beautiful. I absolutely will get out Handel's Messiah on Christmas Eve.

We used to go shoot down mistletoe and gather holly. The incentive for us to decorate outside is not as much as when I lived in town as a girl. The kids do some, but we stopped years ago. I think we were decorating for our young kids, who now can do it at their homes.

We also used to ride out to see the decorations of others when they were young.

Making cookies is a must, still. Snickerdoodles are favorites.

I miss midnight service and carol singing. Our school band used to go caroling. There are definitely some things missed by not living in town.

Honestly, sometimes it seems like I never get off the farm. Laugh

Merry Christmas, Sarah!

"The Ox is slow, but the Earth is patient."
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Re: [jeanne53] Here Comes Santa Claus!!! In reply to
Thanks for sharing, Jeanne. It sounds like a lovely family time. :)
Blessings ~ Sarah