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Some advice please!

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Some advice please!
Please pray for us.. We have decided that we are going to stop going to 1 of our 2 Bible Studies we have with her..
We have been doing 2 Bible Studies with her for up to about 3 months.. ( My hubby hurt his arm at work 3 months ago, so Workers Comp, made him only work 8 hours a day.) So back then, we were able to do that. But as of tomorrow, my hubby is back to 10 hours day.

Which is funny.. Lee, (our Bible Study leader) took me aside and told me that we shouldn't be looking for a house, and that we shouldn't try and start a family, and that my hubby (who is a pipefitter) should quit his job, and find a lower paying, and a job that only works 8 hours a day...
She told me to, "Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you."

I don't think I believe in that.. Well, I do, but not from where she is coming from. I believe that you do so much, and God will gladly help you out with the rest.. At least, we do our part, and God will help us out! That's how I see it..
(Correct me if I am wrong.)

So anyways, hubby and I both decided that we are going to Lee that we both feel led not to continue with one of our Bible Studies.. But, Lee is going to tell us, that we are being attacked by Satan.
And if we tell her that we have no time during our busy days, she is going to tell us to get a new job or she will arrange to come over on a saturday or sunday.. Lee is REALLY, REALLY persistant... If we are busy one day, she will tell us that she will come over / and invite herself over ( and even show up on our doorstep!!!! ) - UNINVITED!!!!!!!

That really intimidates my hubby, who is a new believer.. He feels that she is watching him like a hawk..etc..

I love the fact that Lee is so 'radical' but, she is too radical for us at the moment.. I believe my hubby needs baby steps.. Lee expects us to be at her level with Radicalness like yesterday!! And she gets mad if we don't pick something up as quick as she does. Lee believes we have to spend every living moment with God. She does have a point there.. But, everybody has a life, right?? I need my hubby time.. I love my hubby.. I love God, but knowing Lee, she will arrange something with herself, and show up on our doorstep every other day..

Please pray that I can get through to her.. And, right now, at this point, we are thinking of cancelling her all together, and stopping with that other Bible Study we have.. So, please pray that we make the right decision!!!