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That is a good question...

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That is a good question...
I offer this article from The American Thinker:

I mentioned in another topic that my small town and Historically Black College were ruined and are still being ruined by immigrants that came from such "s***-hole" places of which Trump spoke.

Try this article for a flavor of the sort of students and college staff and teachers imported just because they were/are African.

I and my family have our own stories about the town I grew up in the the town my husband went to college in and the town and what remains of the college my sons went to school at and one who works there now.

What a deliberately ignorant (LOL) and corrupt mess has been wrought there for Leftist multiculturalism and political correctness.

Warning: Racist statement!!!

You know what it will take to ever straighten that place out? A good strong white man who doesn't back down and doesn't care what he is called and has the guts to do what needs to be the willingness of the University system to allow it to happen.

"The Ox is slow, but the Earth is patient."