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Sad Day Today

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Sad Day Today
Today I watched TV as they took George H.W. Bush from Houston to head back to D,C. It was an emotional time. He was the last President we have had that had any moral sense. I hate that he died, even though it was obviously his time. It seems that as though when older people die, the world is left with more corruption. It seems funny to say that when we went through a lot in the 1920's with Bonnie and Clyde, etc. I think we have more knowledge of crime now than we did then because of communication. Anyway, I just felt that his passing marked a huge change in our country. I hope I am wrong. What do you think?
Blessings ~ Sarah
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Hi Sarah.

President Bush and his wife were a gentleman and lady. He was the last President to have served in WWII and held several important positions in our country's federal government before becoming President.

I think that "great" generation's passing does mark a significant time in our history. America has changed. The world has changed. It is probably not going back ever (barring an EMP of some sort) and so we have to do the best we can to work within our time to allow America to better find its way. You think God here, of course, and that is part of it, my friend.

There are still people as the Bushes were, calm of demeanor, clear of mind, vigorous and honest and intelligent. They sometimes cannot be heard amidst all the clanging clamor of our divisive citizenry, but they are there. And, remember, the clanging clamor is merely loud and obnoxious, it is not what America is, it is not the heart or the heartland of America. It just seems that way right now.

Thanks for reminding us of his passing, Sarah.

"The Ox is slow, but the Earth is patient."