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Progressive approved, ok! Conservatives must be banned!

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Progressive approved, ok! Conservatives must be banned!
Here is a link to a short article in "The American Thinker" which also has the video of a black man, who the Left considers worthy of their praise and friendship.

This video is on FaceBook and the quote is on Twitter.

This man is dangerous to our nation and always has been.

From the article:

<<Louis Farrakhan is a poisonous figure in our society, an open Jew-hater and religious extremist with crackpot beliefs. He ought to be shunned by all legitimate political leaders, yet national figures among the Democrats like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama cozy up to him. (Obama managed to successfully suppress publication of a picture of him being chummy with the hater, with the assistance of the corrupt media.)>>


<<I don’t know which is more alarming: the fact that he has a substantial movement that he leads, or that Democrats are willing to align themselves with him. Democrats use the false allegation that Donald Trump justified neo-Nazis at Charlottesville (he was talking about people who wished to preserve statues of Confederates) as a smokescreen to mask their own tolerance of and coziness with a hateful lunatic.

God help us.>>

Fortunately, on his FaceBook page there are hundreds of replies against him and his hate group, the Nation of Islam. I wonder if his page will be banned? My friend's FB page is in jeopardy, because she speaks out against the threat of Islam and Sharia Law and what it is doing to Europe and how threatening it is in the US. She has been told by "People Who Know" that her page probably has 3 months left.

Conservatives of all flavors are being banned and doxed and shamed. Their websites and blogs are being shadow-banned by Google, which means that topics on their sites and blogs are found at the bottom of any Google search, if not in later pages.

Here is another tactic of Google's concerning the targeting of a fine black woman, only because she is a Conservative.

This is who the Left is and has always been. They have just removed their masks and are unafraid to name themselves Socialists and Communists.

It is time for all Conservative Democrats to make a choice about which side of the fence they wish to be on. The 2020 election is crucially important for the very near future of our country. We are so dangerously close to losing the America that our Founders believed in.

Even Rush Limbaugh has said this on his radio commentary. Never before have we been this close to slipping into a Socialist State, well on the way to Communism. Most people simply are not aware of our danger.

"The Ox is slow, but the Earth is patient."