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Lindsey Graham on Mueller Report...

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Lindsey Graham on Mueller Report...
This is long, but well worth watching:

Basically, there has been no evidence found for a charge of collusion between the Trump Campaign and Russia and no evidence for an obstruction of justice charge. There was never any "there" there. The report is gone over in detail by Sen. Graham and he answers many questions from the reporters present.

He very much agrees that the Russians tried during the 2016 election and are still trying to divide our nation by sowing discord and distrust between the parties and among our citizens. But...what else is new? They are just much more able to do their dirty work because of the internet and social media and the tremendous amounts of money they are willing to spend on top-notch hackers. Putin doesn't care who is in the Whitehouse, just as long as America is divided and in chaos and does not trust government or the media or each other. Communists have been at their long game in this country for a century, at least.

Plus he details what he is planning to do by way of investigation into the FBI, Clinton Campaign, Democrat National Committee and Russian collusion on their part. That is, he is determined to investigate the other side of this drawn out issue, which has been swept under the rug by the main stream media and the Left in their fanatic determinism to force President Trump out of his duly elected office.

He has positive messages for the public and for our President and sound advice for the Democrats...and for Republicans too.

Kudos. You go, Lindsey!

"The Ox is slow, but the Earth is patient."