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Music and Your Mind

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Music and Your Mind
I read recently that about 85% of punk rock/heavy metal bands are "owned" by satanists. Does this seem like a very far stretch? Anyway, I've been getting nudged in the direction of cutting out that kind of music, and this statistic turned that nudge into something a little more forceful. Anyone agree/disagree that punk rock/heavy metal music is detrimental to spiritual health?

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I agree that you should be extremely cautious what you allow in your life whether it's music, books, movies, etc. If you listen to the words of some of this music, it's highly disturbing. If you feel you are being prompted to give it, you probably should.

With love in Christ,


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Re: [jesusgirl04] Music and Your Mind In reply to
It was also rumored in the old days that a certain string on the guitar was used to conjure the devil. you cant believe everything you read.

This is how you learn about music, you study its history.

This will educate you on rock music's birth.

The History of Rock 'N' Roll, Vol. 1 - Good Rocking Tonight
Seven Ages of Rock - 1. The Birth Of Rock

This will educate you on the history of the music. as well, the transformation and birth of metal music.
Seven ages of rock -Never Say Die, Heavy Metal, part 4

These videos are on youtube

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