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The Spiritual Basics---

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The Spiritual Basics---
To: ALL ----> Please help to save lives by spreading

these volunteer (no $$$) web addresses

everywhere!.....{including "Suicide Vaccine": a figure

of speech, is a life preserver made up of words....and

it works to prevent more NEEDLESS deaths and

tragedies!} Many thanks, James Sorrell ---> and and and and and

--->"The Spiritual Basics"--->SEE such topics as: "A new fact about Jesus

Christ", "666", "Sunset in the Garden of Eden", ""1st

Class on the TITANIC---", "The Declaration of

Re-Independence", "The reason for Faith", "LOVE is the

Real Thing", "Who is GOD??", "Water baptism is NOT

from God anymore!", "True Spirituality", "Why fight

over the 10 Commandments??", "The useless War of the

Sexes", "What's wrong with the human race? A

remedy!!", 'A solution to homelessness!' and a

solution to ending impulsive behavior/war/incited

violence, 99% of theft, the source for a 50% increase

in health for the human race [[King Solomon's Herb

book]] and a 90% improvement in the condition of the

human race where everyone shares....NOT Utopia, but a

humanity that works for a change, where we ALL can

have a real life!!! Best regards, Jim

Sorrell--->These above-mentioned sites [wisdom,

common sense & spiritual

teaching] are where the light lives! or