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needing some advice on starting a ministery

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needing some advice on starting a ministery
My name is Nick and I believe god has called me to start a Youth ministery at a church that on a good day the only have about 50 people that go there and I want to get it to where we have to set more seating up to be able to accomidate everybody. This is a baptist church and they dont have a youth ministery in place. I need help and ideas on how I can get this started. I feel the spirit telling me that i should do this but I am not sure how i am going to do it. I know I should prey but I dont know how to start an outreach and how to even raise money to do an outreach. I am so lost right now, if someone knows what I can do, please e-mail me at If you feel the spirit laying it on your heart to get back with me with ideas, please help me. I would love to see some young people come to christ instead of selling drugs on the street and I want to be able to make their soul cleansed by christ instead of lead by the devil. I know i am talking alot but I dont know what to do and I am also really excited about be given the oppertunity to do something of this magnitude. Please help me!