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new evangelist needs help

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new evangelist needs help
Hello and God bless any and all. I am a Southern Baptist minister who is taking the step of faith and going into evangelism (local church and tent). I am writing to ask for prayer and any advice that you may give me one this area. I have been in the ministy for over 20 yrs. now but know very little about getting a ministy like this off the ground and going. I feel the call to this very strongly and hope you take this serious. Feel free to email me at [email][email] with any help that is too detailed for this post. Also use this address to ask about the ministry and dates. Thanks ahead for all your prayers. May God bless you and your efforts to the adding to His kingdom.


Bro Bob

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hello my name is Richard and i am a prayer minister

the best i can say is just stay with the truth that we are all sinners and let the holy spirit do the rest.

show where the sin is.

show the love of GOD.

and show them JESUS paid our deat in full.

we dont have to do nothing to earn this gift it is free.

the blood of JESUS cuvers our sin and exsepting JESUS

as our savior and lord is the only way to the father.

people will respond to the truth with the leading of the holy spirit.

your brother in christ Richard
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Re: [brobobb5] new evangelist needs help In reply to
Well Bob, tent evangelism is an age old way of trying to reach people. But I'm not sure it would be all that successful in today's world. I think we need to use today's media as that is what people are used to and what will get their attention. It is my hope to eventually reach people with film through a "family friendly" cinema featuring family friendly films and some of the best evangelical films being made such as "Facing The Giants" and "Courageous". You might consider using films in your tent in addition to your teaching.
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