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Re: [praizeop2] The God gene... In reply to
Hi Sarah.

I am aware of the analogy of frogs plopped into cool water and then slowly brought to a boil, wherein the heat kills them before they are aware of their situation and fail to jump out.

You can apply that analogy to just about anything that sneaks up on unsuspecting people or those who don't pay attention. I guess that you are implying that I will be boiled before I realize my hell-bound predicament. Smile

Is this suppose to help me understand Jim's post to me?

BTW, you did not respond to my query about your consideration of vaccines? Are you anti-vaccine or is it just the flu shot that you refuse to get?

"The Ox is slow, but the Earth is patient."
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Re: [jeanne53] The God gene... In reply to
Blessings ~ Sarah