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Everything Begins at Home

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Everything Begins at Home

Everything Begins At Home.

This is true also for missions.

The summer is on its way and so is nice weather - we must take advantage of this blessing from God and work for Him. Don't witness? Ask God to put in your heart a desire for the lost and a desire to help them out by preaching the gospel. The Great Commission must function in America. We tell others about Christ mainly through our lifestyle. Words are useless if there is nothing to back them up. We live in a society where talk is cheap and seeing is believing.

Portion of lyrics of a song by Commission

Go and tell somebody

People go through life without a worry

and they're spending their time on earth in vain

they need to know that in their life there is a purpose

to a dying world this Message we must bring.

Tho we tend to feel security in our salvation

we must constantly think about the lost

there are people young and old

dying and losing their souls

without ever taking time to count the cost

Now that the truth remains

we have to help a heart to turn

from a world that's dark to glory and light

you need to know the reason why you're chosen

you're not here just to pass the time

I tend to think that there's a purpose

to your existence

and that's to tell some lost soul about Christ.