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Apostles and Prophets

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Apostles and Prophets

In looking on the web at ministries, I see a great number of people claiming apostolic or prophetic ministries. Most of these are in the United States and are itinerant ministries. While I will not address whether or not such ministries are valid today, I will pose this question. If the USA (Or any free country for that matter which has professing apostolic or prophetic ministries operating within.) was overtaken by radical Muslims or Marxists such as the type ruling North Korea, how many of these professing apostles and prophets would be boldly proclaiming whom they say they are? How many of these supposedly apostles and prophets are willing to go to countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan, and Persian Gulf states and proclaim Jesus? Or for that matter, how many are going into hard core inner city areas here in this country, (The USA) and reach people there for the gospel? I would imagine the numbers would be pretty minimal at best.

A lot of these professing apostles and prophets are claiming and wanting to be leadership in the body of Christ. They say much of the body of Christ is suffering for failing to recognize them for who they say they are. Let me pose this question. How many of these roving apostles or prophets are willing to follow the Apostle Paul’s lead in saying as recorded in Acts 20:24 “But none of these things move me, neither count my life dear unto myself,…to testify the gospel of the grace of God.” Or how about this statement from Paul as found in Acts 20:13; “ for I am ready not to be bound only, but also to die at Jerusalem for the name of the Lord Jesus.”

I would like to say that there are men of God who have ministries that some say are apostolic who make no claim to that title, who are sound teachers and preachers of the word of God, who provide oversight to local churches, and are great encouragers to pastors and churches alike. Such men do what they do for the glory of God. If there is any apostles or prophets today, it is these type. Nonetheless, it is not who we are in the body of Christ that is the most important thing, but that Jesus receive from us in word and deed all the glory, praise, and honor due His name. To God be the glory.

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I believe the Lord is about building HIS CHURCH. And according to the Word of God, that includes the full function of the 5 Fold Ministry anointing and no where in the Word of God do you find where God changes His Mind concerning ministry functions in the Body of Christ.

Let fruit prove ministry, not suspicion. For, "by their fruit, we shall know them".

I am concerned that there are doctrines that want to discount the Bible in all Books as being relevant for today.

The Lord IS restoring the Body of Christ to the fullness of the 1st Century Church, which was complete in every area. We have too many religious doctrines that X-Out the books after the 4 Gospels.

I believe that the Apostlic/Prophectic is just as important to the Body as the Pastors and Evangelists, however, there are just as many "Christians" who claim Christianty but have no fruit or testimony to justify such claims as well.

We need to begin to weight out what is false doctrine at what isn't. We need, as a Body to test every spirit, if they be of the Lord or not, rather than a quick judgment call.

"For in the last days I shall pour out My Spirit on all flesh and your sons and daughters shall prophesy."

Let's reason together as the True Church of Jesus Christ and verify that it is truly false. Speculation, suspicions and fear will not profit anyone.

Ask these people what it is they believe. If you do not understand the roles of the Apostle & Prophet as a new testiment believer, then you need to study the Word of God to the fullness and continue to seek Godly Counsel.

We all submit to someone as part of a ministry network. There are no lone ranger in the Body of Christ. If that is their doctrine, then they are false, but if it isn't, then we must not put our hands to what the Lord has called them to.

As long as Jesus Christ be glorified, how can it be wrong? Jesus himself said, if they are not for me, they are against me. However, if they are preaching the true gospel of Jesus Christ, let it be known by the fruit of the spirit and by how they love one another. Submission is a choice. God will never force us to "submit". Anyone who claims that we should follow blindly, are not of God.

Be Blessed,


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Re: Apostles and Prophets In reply to
Yes bondagebreaker35!!

It is so good to read a posting that i actually agree with on Praize. While I like what Praize is attempting to do with the postings many of them deal with issues like the apostolic and prophetic or talking in tongues and discount the validity of their working or need in the church of today. God is about building His Church. There is still just as much work to be done today as there was in the early church. God has a system by which He has set up the church body. the five fold ministry is for the equiping of the saints according to Paul in Ephesians. If we lack parts of the five fold then we can not fully be equipt due to the very idea that each of the five fold has a different calling.

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Re: Apostles and Prophets In reply to
Good topic!,Yes there are many who claim to be apostles and prophets nowdays,some seem to think that they can go to a weekend conference and "poof" they are a prophet or apostle!In all seriousness it takes years!yes,years! to become an apostle or prophet,I've been a christian since 1978 and have finally matured enough to be released by the fellowship I'm in into the calling that I have.It never comes over night.A good book on the subject of prophet is"The Elijah Task"by John and Paula Sandford,if anyone wishes more info on books on the subject of the prophetic please just email me at

Yours In Christ,downpour
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Re: Apostles and Prophets In reply to
To be a prophet you must operate in the prophetic ministry.

I think Chancellor you have misinterpreted the definition of the five fold ministry gifts.

Prophets of the New Testiment parallel the Old Testiment, the only difference is that Holy Spirit dwells within.

Apostles are not "just" missionaries. Apostles and evangelists have very different ministry gifts.

Apostles hearts are primarily for the sheep while the evangelist heart is for the lost.

Both, however, are called to equip the saints for the work of the ministry.

However, I can say this, I have never read the title or position of "chancellor" in the Bible.

Where is THAT derived from?

I know both apostles and prophets today and none of them are deacons. They actually are the leadership of the church. A deacon, while in a leadership position, they are to aid the functionality of the five fold, not take the place of it.

I would NEVER just sit under a deacon as the leadership of the church. Churches need Pastors and Apostles and are gifted by God with such grace. Deacons have been known, however, to try to usurp their authority AWAY from the true leadership of the Body of Christ which is 1) Apostles 2)Prophets 3)Evangelists 4) Pastors 5) Teachers.