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relationship just about over need help

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relationship just about over need help
I am in Love with a wonderful lady. i cheated on her via the internet she is also online. i came clean with her about my cheating. it has crushed her. we both are Christians though i have backslided and as a result just the today we said our goodbyes we have been together for 4 years and it's only been 2 days since our last night together chatting and it feels like the best part of me has been amputated. she is in alot of pain and she still loves me. she just can't take the pain anymore.

i have came back to the Lord and have ask for forgivness for my sins. she is the best thing to ever happen to me and i'm at the point now to where i'm torn between praying for her to come back to me or just pray for her to forget about me and the pain and sorrow i have caused her. what i do know is i love her but i want her happy no matter what she deserves that and for a man to be true to her. we was so good together once, we might could be again but it would truly take a miricale from Jesus. i'm still weak like a new born. i need prayer to help me become the man i once was and to be strong for her. i don't know God's will in this anymore but i know he wants her happy so please pray for my Jennifer that no matter the outcome of us that she will find the man of her dreams.

please keep her in your prayers.

what should i do?


ask her back


stay out of her life

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Matt, I encourage you to seek God on this and ask Him to show you how to pray and which direction to go. He would be more than happy to show you, to guide and direct you.
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Do pray about this as it is VERY important,...and be REAL with yourself and her. 16 yrs ago I first found out for sure that my husband cheated on me, many times, but it wasn't on the internet it was physical. However the Word says that if you've done it in your heart then you've DONE it. Let's be real,ok? If you REALLY "LOVED" Jennifer would your have blown her off so easily? When you truly love someone you consider them FIRST, before and above anything or anyone, and you would never do anything to cause them pain...isn't that how YOU want to be loved? I think she's just "familiar" to you and you are infatuated with her. You are "used" to her being around, to stroke your needs when you want or need something feminine in your life and no one else is available,...

Be kind, to her and to yourself, and let her will both be better off for it. You don't want to live through the "hell on earth" we've been living through, I guarantee! Believe me , its better to find it all out now rather than 19yrs into a relationship and marriage!

You, as well as she, needs to move on and find that one person the Lord has especially for you...and it WON'T be someone you would even consider cheating on!

I do admire your maturity and honesty, hang onto those traits, ok?

God Bless And Keep You,