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Needing couples "therapy"!!

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Needing couples "therapy"!!
My husband and I are so far apart right now. So many, many issues going on! I know it is important to address the most acute problems right now, but how do I present the concept of couple prayer, couple ministry, and the related? I think if I just do my part to honor the Lord that he will see this and God will work the rest. Is this thinking too laid back for my situation? My marriage is at a stage where it needs a sure miracle!! Otherwise it will be over within days! What is the proper way to pray for him at this stage? I have been praying for his salvation and healing and basically that Thy will be done. In any event I am standing strong. God Bless All!
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Needing couples "therapy"!! In reply to
Dear Christi,

I have just finished a book that I pray will help your marraige.

It's called "The Five Love Languages" by Gary Chapman,PH.D

Please find it and read up.....I found a whole new way to keep my marraige from falling will too.

God Bless you.....I will keep you in my Prayers
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Be encouraged sister! All is not lost. There are many great books, but here are the ones that have been the most help to me:

Power Prayers for your Mighty Man this booklet can be purchased for $5 from Desert Streams Chapel

Lylah Ledner

9080 E. Cactus Rd.

Scottsdale, AZ 85260


This booklet helped me give God my husband and leave him to God to change. It took me a long time to realize I couldn't change him anyway! This prayer booklet helped me to learn how to pray for my husband and realize if I stayed in submission to my own husband (Titus 2)I stayed under God's protection!

Lord Change Me by Evelyn Christenson

Helped me to work on the one person I have control over changing--myself. When we change, our husbands can no longer react in the same way, they have to change, because we have changed.

The Bondage Breaker by Neil T. Anderson

This book explains the how and why of spiritual warfare. The enemy wants to destroy you and your family but we have been given


The most powerful thing God has shown me has been to write down my prayers. I write down my prayer then turn the page over and start a page where God can respond. Start with your name and then just write down whatever you are feeling in your heart. Check it against the Word ( God doesn't contradict Himself) and then reread it a few days later. I have found a fresh outlook on my relationship with Christ and my marriage by just taking the time to listen to God. Will You try it? For your own sanity?

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Re: Needing couples "therapy"!! In reply to
His needs/Her needs is a great book to that will work wonders.
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Re: Needing couples In reply to
Hi dear Evonne

I just ran across your sweet and encouraging comments about Power Prayers for Your Mighty Man - a little wives prayer handbook I wrote back in 1999. So, thanks for the acoldates about the handbook.

You are right - in encouraging the sister...all is NOT lost. I always say that, "As long as there is breath - there is hope." Prayer is THE KEY for wives in hard marriages. And, as I think I saw somewhere in one of these posts - it's about US allowing GOD to change US - that is such a HUGE drawing factor in a marriage. When we soften up by the sweet hand of God (via prayer), it has winning power for a man that is clueless, subborn, and out of touch with his God-description as to who he is and his God-description as to what a husband is supposed to be.

See, I live with the end in mind. I will NOT stand before Jesus on That Day (2 Cor. 5:7 - 11) with Michael - I WILL stand by myself. All MY OWN motives and behaviors will be rewarded...OR I'll have regret. IT's what I've done out of a pure heart that will be rewarded - sometimes here and always there.

Thanks again for blessings me and making me smile with your kind words about PPMM. Just a note...that little handbook sorta took off around the world - it has a website - where it's still available for $5 plus SH. It's at

Blessings to you! Lylah Ledner