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Is there hope?
 have been married for 2 years July 10, to an unfaithful husband.Our marriage is pretty much dead at this point.I left home 6 months ago.I need help.I'm a new Christian, and want my marriage to work.I believe that God can deliver my husband for the sex demons that have him in bondage.My husband loves me ,but can't stop what he is doing.He has been fired from 3 jobs for sexual harrassment since we have been married and most of the time the targets have been minors. He is also addicted to pornography over the internet.We both work for drug rehabilitation centers and he also prey on the confused women who don't have the tools for living yet(women who just get clean,and are very needy).I love my husband and I know he loves me.He does not want a divorce. I will not live with him until he seeks help from the Lord.I'm scared he would give me a infection or something.I need help to stay pure also.I have a colorful past and need help not to fall back into sexual sin myself. Lord help me. Anybody help me.