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I can offer these services to you

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I can offer these services to you
Shalom, I am rabbi Ben Avraham,

I contribute to the Messianic Jewish section, but I came across this forum section, and I thought I would add this.

A Rebbe can also use a few extra dollars from time to time, the pennies add up, I can do this;

1. If you have papers, articles, documents that need to be translated from English to Spanish, or visa-versa, I can do it,

2. I make simple earrings and necklaces to order, using semi-precious stones, what do you want? what do you need? describe it to me and we can talk about a price.

3. I do small art projects, paintings, (black ink on flat rocks or tile) I am also planning a reproduction of parts of the Isaiah scroll from the Kumran caves "dead Sea Scrolls" in the ancient Hebrew block script. Do you want one? if so, what size?

Rabbi Ben Avraham
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Re: [james1954] I can offer these services to you In reply to
Hi James and welcome to Praize.

I am happy to see that you are not advertising a company that promotes cheating. We have, unfortunately, been getting a lot of those sorts of newbies lately.

I hope you find something you like here and join us in our discussions. Maybe someone will like to take a look at your offerings, but check with PraizeOp to make sure you aren't violating the TOS for this site.

"The Ox is slow, but the Earth is patient."