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Wise words ignored?

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Wise words ignored?
President Donald Trump’s tweets have been an open treasure chest for foreign intelligence agencies since the beginning of his presidency. America’s adversaries just need to follow Trump’s Twitter feed to see what moves and irks the president while he is starting his day in the White House.

But now the situation is even more frightening. Twitter has announced that it will test extending tweet lengths to 280 characters, up from the traditional 140. Trump now will have double the amount of space to reveal his mood to the rest of the world.

A soft answer turns away wrath, But a harsh word stirs up anger.
The tongue of the wise uses knowledge rightly, But the mouth of fools pours forth foolishness
. Prov. 15:1-2

I guess President T has never taken this to heart or considered its wisdom in the field of international diplomacy.

Regards Chris.
In Christ God was reconciling the world to himself, not counting their trespasses against them, and entrusting the message of reconciliation to us. 2 Cor. 5:19. Love covers a multitude of sins. 1 Pet.4:8b.
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Re: [rdrcofe] Wise words ignored? In reply to
Hi, Chris,
Funny you should mention this. I just mentioned to PraizeOP last night that Pres. Trump really needs to get off of Twitter. Part of the problem is that our personal blogs don't belong on pages that all the world can see. I'm not sure why he feels it is necessary to tweet. I don't. He shouldn't. If he has something to say, he should say it to a close confidant.

Something else that is bothering me... (perhaps these are my Tweets?) If you will remember back to when Pres. Obama came out with his health plan... several of the congress said that it was too long to read and so they passed it without reading it fully. So basically congress doesn't (still) know what the Obama healthcare says. If you were to ask them, they would tell you that themselves! Unless they lie.

So now we have the government hanging onto something that they have no idea what it says in opposition to something new that they probably have not read either. Good grief!
I am SO glad that God has a plan and has had it from the beginning. I'm so glad that He has written it all out in the Bible and that it will come to pass according to His will. Thank You, Father, that we can count on You to complete all that you have planned from the beginning.
Blessings ~ Sarah
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Re: [rdrcofe] Wise words ignored? In reply to
Hi Chris and Sarah.

I certainly would not call the president's tweets an "open treasure chest for foreign intelligence agencies" as they do not contain any material that would normally be top secret, such as the emails that Clinton blithely allowed to be hacked by foreign intelligence agencies.

They are tweets, not documents or details about troop movements or actual plans of US operatives on foreign soil.

Like it or not, twitter, Facebook and other social media are the way Americans get their news at an ever increasing rate, especially younger people. Obama used this fact very much to his advantage during his campaigns and his presidency. Clinton tried, but her major problem was her personality and her attitude, which simply does not transfer any caring friendliness or desire to actually meet the people on their own terms or turf.

The biggest threat to America right now has been the frantic and fanatic constant screaming from the Left, including the media, that Trump is an illegitimately elected president. He is not. He was elected according to our laws and is as legitimate as any recent president has been.

Trump is being Trump and is not pretending to be anything other than what he is. Twitter conveys his ideas, his feelings, his frustrations and his determination to his people and with those who care about what he cares about, even if they did not vote for him.

I don't have any real problem with his tweeting. I don't use or like the medium, but it is here to stay until something replaces it. They floated the idea of increasing the character allowance last year, but the users preferred to keep it as it is. The users like the short bits of info and messaging; a bit more than just headlines, but not a whole article. Like all media, it has its faults, but as with other forms of news, it is the consumer who must do more in order to comprehend the message.

No country is going to start a war or bomb with nukes over a tweeted message, not even that psycho-boy in North Korea.

The majority of Americans approve of Trump's strong messages to those who might consider themselves to be our adversaries. Most Americans have been ashamed and frustrated with the previous president's message of soft words and sissified action, especially after many of our troops sweated, bled and died for causes dear to their hearts and the heart of George Bush, that is, bringing liberty to those under the pressure of Islamists extremists.

Don't be fooled by the media's attempts to make it seem as though Americans who approve of Trump are in the small minority. It is not so. Most of America is not Left, not pro-choice, not wishy-washy, not taking a knee during the National Anthem, not against religious freedom and not willing to back down because another country tells us to.

We do not expect our president to always be spot on. We expect our president to be an American, however, as we understand that meaning. We do not intend to be European.

So...we deal with the tweets and Trump speaks to us. Those who understand his speech want the "Establishment of DC" to drain away, but we also know that is not going to be an easy job. Their tentacles are deep within our governmental processes. This administration may be the last best hope for "the People" to regain some control over our lives under a Constitution, which the Establishment has always chosen to ignore.

"The Ox is slow, but the Earth is patient."