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Is there a binding core anymore?

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Is there a binding core anymore?
Rush was pondering the yesterday about the people of America. During wartime, economic depressions and other assaults upon our nation, the one thing that bound us together was that we, each and every one of us, identified as Americans.

Then he asked the question; what binds us together now?

And...what follows is my pondering.

What do the youngest generations have in common with older generations of Americans that bound us before recent times?

What bound us before so that all political parties eventually fell together under one leader after an election? And...that as recently as our last president? "I didn't vote for Obama, but he is our President now, and though I may work to get someone more to my liking elected, President Obama is my President." That was the sentiment of most people, who really and truly disliked Barrack Obama, including me.

What bound us so that we supported our system of government, defended our Constitution, honored our Founders, loved our country and respected our flag and national anthem?

What bound us to a sense that a family includes a mother and a father dedicated to rearing their offspring?

What has gone into the unbinding of us as Americans?

Before you accuse this atheist of denying that Judeo-Christian religious belief has any credit for binding us as a nation, let me say that I believe that it did and still does. It also bound European nations in more solidarity than what is killing them now, that is, another Abrahamic religion that has for centuries bound its people so tightly together that it quickly became a destructive force against the rest of the world, resistant to advancement and enlightenment.

This is a broad topic, so please offer any opinions you have about what has happened to America to cause us to begin to unravel the bond, which once helped us stand strong, even if we stood alone. can just think on it and I will continue to add my two-cents worth as I get around to it.

"The Ox is slow, but the Earth is patient."