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How do we know if something is God's Will

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How do we know if something is God's Will
Hey everyone!
Please pray for us, we both feel that we should not continue in this Bible Study, but how do we know if it's God's plan for us, or if it is Satan trying to discourage us?

My new born again Christian husband and myself, are attending a Bible Study..
Our leader, Lee, is a wonderful, passionate lady. There was about 2 weeks my husband and I could not go to Bible Study because we both were sick. Lee called us up and told me that Satan was attacking us, and that's why we got sick.
I got really offended by that.. Maybe Satan was attacking us.. But I felt really offended by how she said that.

Another thing, Lee really frowns upon the fact that some people use reference guides or commentaries when it comes to the Bible. I use one. And I love it. She is quite mad that I use it. Lee keeps telling us to read verses and mediate on the words. So, we were reading a verse, and she asked us what we thought the verse meant. So, I explained what I thought the verse meant to me, and she blew up!! She started yelling at me because apparently I took the words out wrong / well, it wasn't the right answer, anyway.. according to her.
But hey, in my defense, I believe that God's word in a way, means something different to everyone.. I can't see one verse meaning the same to everyone.. Well, some verses mean the same to everyone.. But, if God wanted every verse in the Bible to mean exactly what Lee thinks the verse meant, then God would have created us as robots, right?
She has this need to be right all the time.. It's quite frustrating.. I really don't feel comfortable with this Bible Study. I want to get out of it.. My husband and I feel so stressed.. My husband and I both feel sick to our stomachs whenever we think about staying with the Bible Study, or leaving.. We don't know if this feeling is from God, or if it's the Devil.. Although, I do believe, that if something is not right, then we would both feel that it is not right, or that it is something God does not want us to do..
I'm praying really hard and asking God to show me what He wants us to do. I don't know if this 'sick' feeling we get is from God or from Satan.

Oh, and she REALLY gets offended if we ask / question other people about what she has to teach us.. My hubby is new, he likes to get advice from other Christians, and when she finds out he did that, she gets mad. My hubby is just trying to get other people's opions.. Lee thinks he doesn't trust her.
And, Lee also gets mad if we don't pick up on something or understand verses the way she does.. I think she thinks that we should be way up top with her like yesterday.. She also really believes that EVERYONE has to be evangelists.. Which is great! And yes, we are all called to evangelize, but, corrrect me if I am wrong, I think that not everyone has the gift to evangelize.. I believe everyone has different gifts and not everyone is to evangelize.. So, it's really confusing and frustrating.

Another thing that kind of bothers me, is that, Lee will listen to the Pastors on Sunday and even critic them!!
I think that is so wrong.. She tells our Bible Study that, the pastor was wrong on Sunday.. that he quoted a Scripture wrong, or he took it the wrong way, or that he was even using notes / reference guide..
And its confusing for my husband.. who does he listen to?
I've been a Christian most of my life, but sometimes I don't have the answers, or I don't know who is right.. I like to lean on my Pastor..

Everyone, Please pray really hard that my husband and I can follow God's plan for our lives.. Please pray that we both can feel God's discernment.
I already have a strong feeling to leave this Bible Study, if it is of God, and He wants to leave this Bible Study, and if we tell Lee that we feel God doesn't want us to continue in her Bible Study, she will tell us that we are being attacked by Satan. My husband and I do not have that feeling of peace.. so I think we both feel God wants us to leave the Bible Study.

Please Help! Advice and Prayer would be great!
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Re: [Nannrs] How do we know if something is God's Will In reply to
Hi Nannrs. I hope by the time you read this email that you and your husband decided to leave the Bible study. I've been in situations like that before and they are bad news. There's a quote in the scriptures that says that you shall know them by their fruit. If this woman is causing you and your husband stress and strife; criticizing your pastor; and discouraging you from thinking for yourself, I'm sorry, but this is a cult.
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Re: [Nannrs] How do we know if something is God's Will In reply to
From the very start when I read this post I could feel within my own spirit that it seemed very "cultish" and I have read this one weeks ago. I agree with others who have posted here.

WE must be so careful...cults have a speck of truth mixed in with man's tradition,philosophy and thinking. When mixed with God's truth to make it SOUND can pull others into that matter how sincere it might feel. I have a friend and a book she wrote and she was into a cult that sounded so "true" to the Word of God...

Leaders in the Body of Christ should never possess such an attirude of control over a person as you have mentioned in your post.

I think I mentioned earlier in a previous post that this sounded insane and a true leader of a Bible Study would show compassion,care and love to their group...instead of saying satan was punishing you for being absent.if a true believer in God, they would show true attitude of the Spirit of the compassio,concern and prayer for an individual instead of condemnation...

You will know when it is HIS will when you find peace in your hearts about it. You know,that you know,that you is a deep feeling in the soul of peace,joy and contentment when you are in His WIll. To know His will one needs to be in His Word like you have been,prayer and feloowship with true saints of God.

Go in His wisdom,knowledge and truth. Blessings to you folks as you search His wisdom and direction in your life.
In good times and bad,God never changes
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Re: [Nannrs] How do we know if something is God's Will In reply to
As Christians we are to TEST EACH SPIRIT to know if it is right before God. The enemy of God can infiltrate any willing soul and use them to discourage others. If the actions and words of a leader are other than how Christ presented Himself, than we must weigh the scales and see how the balance leans. Remember Christ Jesus is our ONLY display of what is RIGHT and wrong. Bible study is where people come together to grasp understanding of God's Word. Each person has a say in a true study. We tend to go with the majority agreements. If there are ten in a study (more than that can bring confusion) we tend to go where more than 5 are in agreement. However, each side must be able to show why they believe how they do through scriptures. And, furthermore, we are not to FIGHT AMONGST ourselves, but discuss, share, nurture, refute and rebuke. Those last two words means challenge not battle.

Leave that Bible Study and find a Biblical based study, preferably one where a clergy is present to guide. Too many people believe they have all the answers, and when challenged they get feisty and testy.Just because someone gets sick is not a sign that satan is attacking them. This gives satan more power than he has. Sickness came about because of man's weakness and disobedience to God. As long as you are in your earthly dwelling tent you are subject to the frailities of this life. It does'nt mean satan is attacking. Overlook the IGNORANCE (unlearned status) AND SEEK THE WORD OF GOD in all matters.

Stand ready at all times to give answer for all you believe.
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Re: [Nannrs] How do we know if something is God's Will In reply to
Hi Nannrs
Greetings in the blessed name of Jesus Christ.
I want to tell you that I agree with the post that I've read and I do think you should leave this so-called bible study because it is a cult. The bad feeling you got is God letting you know that this bible study and this Lee person is all wrong. I visited a church for awhile that had cult like behavior and it really did a number on me. You have this desire to serve God and do right then you have this person telling you all this mess and you get fearful....fearful that if you don't do what they say then you are going against God and will be cast into hell. For a long time I had a spirit of fear that took control of me because of this and I still struggle with it today but it was Joyce Meyers ministry that helped me to see legalism and that other control stuff for what it is. God doesn't want someone controlling you and He doesn't want you and your husband stressed out. In Matthew 11 God says his burden is light not filled with stress, fear and control. This Lee lady needs to be exposed to the pastor and she doesn't need to teach bible study at all. I don't know what type of church you are in but if the whole church in cult like then leave and find another church that is filled with love and that teaches God's word. There have always been false prophets around and they aren't going anyplace until Jesus returns and we just have to recognize them. Also there is nothing wrong with using notes or reference material and also for Lee to talk about the pastor behind his back is wrong. I wish I could sit in that bible study and I'd put that devil in her place. That feeling you got was the Holy Spirit that lives in you speaking to you to let you know that whole situation isn't right. I hope this helps you some and you and your husband keep trusting and believing God. Lee has no heaven or hell to put you in so don't worry about her.

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Re: [Nannrs] How do we know if something is God's Will In reply to
John 4:34 says, Jesus said unto them, My me is to do the will of him that sent me, and to finish his work.
John 5:30, says ,I can of mine own self do nothing : as I hear, I judge in my judgment is just; because I seek not mine own will, but the will of the Father which hath sent me .
John 6:38 says ,For. I came down from heaven ,, not to do mine own will , but the will of him that sent me .

God has purpose and a plan for each one of us .

. God bless
Pastor Fred Wilson