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Feeling all alone and blue

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Feeling all alone and blue
Some things are just proving a little heavy and hard to deal with and being the type of personality I am; it is woe is me, w00t time.
I keep praying about certain things and it seems my connection is out of order with heaven. Some folks have written or called to give a testimony about answered prayer we had prayed together--whohuh?ppee!
Now in this period of time God is such a help and a regular balm in gilead. Over the past little while we had to put two dogs down with age and spinal disorders and decided that's it no more dogs. until Momma calls again. She always calls before coming home with one or we talk over the phone
It seems these folks she works with found a poodle in the woods some where and brought it home. According to the vet he is total minature poodle.
The couple that found him have two pit bulls and things were not going well so the poodle had to go.. First thought they had was call debbie she will take any dog. They called and she did. The 1st week was really uneventful except for the few dog piles ( just dogs no side effects) huh?with Prince on the bottom to begin with,then somehow he got out and came to my lap and watched the rest of the fight.
You ever make up your mind that's it you aren't going to get attached? well the first few times Prince didn't want to stay in bed with Deb he came to me and went to sleep on my chest with his head under the edge of my jaw. I wanted so bad to get mad Mad but just couldn't.
The next day some thing hit my lightening fast mind when the dog gotup on my chest and just lay there.
One of the gospel writers wrote about the disciple that laid on the chest of Jesus and I had often wondered what it would be like to be that close. I am finding out more so each day as this little poodle seems to be drawing closer no matter what I do.
Did you ever feel like killing some one then you couldn't because you remembered how much they had gotten inside you?
ARE YOU ONE OF THOSE INSIGNIFICANT LITTLE ONES THAT SOMEHOW LAYS ON THE BREAST OF JESUS? You know what in the small behaviors of the dog I find myself not being concerned as much about the needs as being draw into the small little world of the dog.
Who would ever believe God could teach you like this.?
m7th--circle of revival

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Perhaps the still small voice has been heard.....