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God's End Time Battle Plan Revealed

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God's End Time Battle Plan Revealed
As God's in time plan is unfolded to you, it is important for you to have a clear understanding of theThree End Time Wars that God has planned to take place in the closing hours of time.

War #1: End Time Invasion Of Israel.
War#2 The War Of The Great Day Of Almighty God
War# 3 Final Rebellion And Destruction Of Satan

Christ prophesied that one of the signs of His coming would be wars and and rumors of wars ( Matthew . 24 :6). As His coming draws near , we will continue to have wars and various parts of the world , with continued blood shed.In the Book of Revelation, chapter 6 , verse four , when the second seal is broken , a rider on a red horse , symbolizing war , is set forth with the great sword to take peace the Earth .

. There has never been a time on Earth when some type of war was not being fought. Throughout the ages,there have been been innumerable wars fought since the first war between good and evil in the Garden of Eden.And, wars will continue until the end of time .

A multitude, to great number , have died as a resultof both wars ., However, during these three final and end time wars, but death and destruction will be far greater than anything that has ever happened before upon the earth, and is beyond are wildest imagination .

Wars will continue .. However , these three major wars are not determined by Man, but have been plant my God to fulfill His purposes ! God is a God of battles . He has given us I written record in His Word of the battles He has fought a one on Israel's behalf . As the Mighty God battles , there is none who can stand against Him! He is unconquerable!

In each of these three in time battles , God is in control . He is directing the outcome, and will use these wars to fulfill His end time plan.

God Bless
Pastor Fred Wilson
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wow, pretty interesting as for me