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The Butler; fabricated?

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The Butler; fabricated?

I just saw the movie: “The Butler” Staring Forest Whitaker and Oprah Winfrey. According to the movie, the butler along with all the other black staff working at the White House would only receive 40% the pay that the white staff received for comparable work and was not allowed to advance in their jobs. It wasn’t until the Regan Administration that President Ronald Regan changed it and forced his boss to pay the black staff equally.

Are we supposed to believe that 20 years after the Civil Rights law of 1964 was passed, the very same Federal Government that forced private companies to end discrimination practices was still discriminating in the White House? This sounds fabricated to me; your thoughts?


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Re: [kennyj] The Butler; fabricated? In reply to
Interesting post, Kenny. At first I thought I would like to see that movie, but after seeing the previews (infomercials) with the KluKluxKlan and everything, I chose not to see it.

You know, so much evil has gone on in my lifetime that I really don't know what to believe.
Blessings ~ Sarah
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Re: [praizeop2] The Butler; fabricated? In reply to
It is not good judgment to assume any movie such as the Butler would a truthful biography. A true biographical timeline of this period wouldn't sell books or movies.
Even the most popular of Christian films have been rewritten to come to an entertainment effect for the audiences. Even so the works have been to cause the lost to come to decisions for the Lord.

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Re: [kennyj] The Butler; fabricated? In reply to has been said that the few women staffed in the Obama White House make less than the men do.

What is "good" and "necessary" for the rest of the country is not always the way it is inside the beltway. is a docu-movie made to sell and made with an many of them are. Have you seen "Elysium?"

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