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How to enter the soon coming Kingdom.

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How to enter the soon coming Kingdom.
According to the Hebrew prophets this is the only way to enter the Kingdom written about in the Hebrew Scriptures.

Remember there is a way that seems right to you but the end of that way is death.

Read what the prophets wrote and believe them as the true Messiah said in Luke 24:25.

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Re: How to enter the soon coming Kingdom. In reply to
Read your letter, and you it is lacking. It does not tell how to enter the kingdom of God. It tells how to remain in Satan's realm.

Your false teaching may fool some. You may make some money too. And even though you quote scripture, you misuse it, and are teaching it falsely.

You come here to recruit, and I do not appreciate your work here. You oppose God, His love, His grace, and His gift to us, His Son Jesus.

Consider you and your worked rebuked.

In Jesus name,