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Public schools promote Islam...

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Public schools promote Islam...
I decided to put this post here, because it concerns public schools, which are supported with our tax dollars. What is taught there affects us all as American citizens, whether or not your child attends a public school.

Most public schools are failing to educate and we could go on all day about that dilemma. I keep hoping that charter schools and other schools will spring up under Betsy DeVos's tenure as head of the Federal Department of Education...or that entity will go back into non-existence and leave states and local governments to handle their need to educate children. As I said, we could go on all day about what is wrong with what passes now for public schooling or even education.

This article is from "The American Thinker" and can be found here:

A very similar case occurred in Maryland a couple of years ago and was resolved successfully, I believe, by removing the lesson from the curriculum. Although the father of one student sued, the case was tossed out basically.

This article is written by Pamela Geller, who is our watchdog on the invasion of Islamists into our country and culture. The Uk has several of its own and they despair over the circling of their society down the drain, while warning us to avoid what they see is their fate coming sooner rather than later.

"In order to convert to Islam, one says the shahada." In the case of many public schools the exercise is cited as "practicing calligraphy" which is totally bizarre, since most public schools do not teach cursive writing anymore, finding that it is worthless knowledge. It isn't, by the way, and educators and specialists have long known this.

Anyway...saying the shahada or writing the shahada makes one a Muslim. Of course Muslims believe that we are all Muslim and that recognizing that through the shahada just "reverts" us to our correct faith and religion.

A father, who pays attention, protested.

I can't seem to copy any paragraphs on this site today.

Packets of Christian and Jewish information/history were passed out but no statements of faith at all were in those packets and no calligraphy lessons were included. Islam got preferential treatment.

The concerned father has received death threats and worse from children at the school, who have been encouraged by "adult friends" and this has taken this whole affair into terrorist territory, in my opinion.

Try to read the article, if you can. So sorry that I cannot add any quotes from it. There is also a link in the article to the packet contents of each religion.

"The Ox is slow, but the Earth is patient."
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Re: [jeanne53] Public schools promote Islam... In reply to
Hi, Jeanne,
My post just got erased, so let's see if I can do it again!

I was going to copy the entire post that you referred to unto Praize until I saw how long it was. I felt it would be more effective if people went to the page and read for themselves:

Have you read James Godson's book, "Finally Free"? This is where the town of Lakeside, Missouri, closes it's public schools and encourages families to use other educational methods to teach their children. Go to "Categories" at the top of any Praize page. Once there, you can click on "JCBooks" to find out more about it.

I kind of see ourselves in that situation today. Why are we paying taxes for our schools when they are not teaching what we want them to learn? That is "OUR" money paying for children to learn about things that have nothing to do with education. The schools in America are a disgrace to America. Thanks for posting on it.
Blessings ~ Sarah
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Re: [praizeop2] Public schools promote Islam... In reply to
Hi Sarah.

I believe there are a good percentage of parents who have and will opt out of public schools, if they can manage it. There are not enough private schools around here to take in all that want to utilize them, so many are hoping that Betsy DeVos will make charter schools easier to establish. Still, unless the school takes no federal or state monies, they have to adhere to certain regulations, but they have much more leeway in teaching.

We pay taxes to provide us and our fellow citizens with community benefits that single families or small collectives could not provide for themselves, water treatment and sewer; garbage collection and management; law enforcement; infrastructure such as bridges, roads, highways; hospitals; libraries and to pick up the slack with elder care, etc. The main duty of the Federal Government is national defense. Our Constitutional Republic has gotten very complicated. And...our duty as American citizens has gotten twisted into such a mess that some do not even expect to take responsibility for themselves concerning anything in their lives.

But...paying taxes has allowed us to advance well past the subsistence living that used to be the norm. I don't think many of us would want to go back to a time when such niceties as water and sewer and infrastructure and educating our children for the future was suddenly placed upon single families or small collectives. Could we gradually replace the role of central federal and state governments with very local and individual management? I am not so sure we could without major upheaval.

Yes, I am familiar with those books and what might work for the small collective is far different from what works, even if poorly, for the millions of citizens that live in and depend upon local, state and federal governments to do the heavy lifting. We are advancing as a species to such heights that science fiction writers only dreamed of...and there is no turning back, unless there is a near total human catastrophe around the world. We can halt for a while the advancement of our children, but the world will eventually outrun them if they do not catch up. Most of us cannot supply that type of education and training for our children, who will need to keep in step. There will always be some who step out of the flow of history, set their own pace and choose to live differently. I try to hold onto that space between me and mine and the rest of the crazy world, but baring unfortunate chaos, my descendants will probably get dragged into the race in which humans have always run.

I do believe that local public schools must regain control over their curricula and I see some resistance nationwide for that to pick up speed. It requires vigilant and engaged parents and representatives that truly reflect their constituents values and opinions and needs.

We pay our taxes because it benefits us and our children and our communities. We do not always agree with how our taxes are spent, but that is why we have elections...and should have term limits. It doesn't work perfect, but it works far better than Communistic and/or tyrannical regimes. Remember Jamestown, VA. It was a Communist experiment and an abysmal failure.

"The Ox is slow, but the Earth is patient."