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I noticed there's not been a lot of "action" here since '05. I just returned since our home burned down in '05, because I couldn't remember ALL the sites I had in my favorites on my old computer. Anyway, I'd love to see some more action on this forum.

I've always hs'd my ds, now 12 and about to finish 6th grade. We had a very in-depth discussion about hs vs ps last night after church, as some kids in AWANA's were teasing him and giving him a hard time. Normally a very outgoing kid, this really upset him because "they're all supposed to be Christians and love each other". I asked if he's more comfortable only having to face this once in a while, once a week at the most, or if he'd rather have to put up with this everyday at ps from kids who aren't Christians, and therefore much more harsh. Many of these kids to go to ps, and therefore are influenced heavily by the world. The conclusion was that he'd rather be homeschooled and hang out with people he knows are going to encourage him, rather than bring him down. He can handle these others a bit better now, and we prayed for the kids who were teasing him, that God would reveal their actions to them and they would learn to walk in Godly love.