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Some opinions on distance learning schools

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Some opinions on distance learning schools
Hi, I've taken quite a few distance learning courses from the following: PCDI, Stratford Career Institute, Thomson Education Direct.

PCDI is extremely easy, to the point that you hardly learn anything. It's not worth the money.

Stratford is one step up from PCDI in challenge. It's not too up to date or exceptional.

Thomson Education Direct is your best bet, however note this: the Veterinary Technician Associate Degree program is not accredited by the AVMA and that means that you cannot apply nor take your state board exam to become licensed to practice as a Vet. Tech. so I suggest not taking that course, as you will not be able to use it afterwards. Always check your accreditings. There may be more to things than are listed in the websites or papers you receive. If I didn't check the state board exam requirements I would have never had known that the Vet. Tech program was not accredited and I would've wasted a lot of time, effort, and money. I am currently taking the Medical Transcription course through this school and am very pleased with it. They supply all you need including software, transcribers, books, charts, etc. I am also taking the Veterinary Assistant program right now too. It is very detailed and very impressive. Always check your courses to make sure you don't need extra education or that things such as licensing are permitted, but Thomson Education Direct is a good quality school for distance learning. The customer service is excellent, unlike the other two schools which are staffed by people who know nothing about their own programs!

The only drawback is waiting for lessons to arrive and if you don't have the internet alot of times you can't take courses. You also have to stay on task and push yourself so that you keep up on your studies. but overall it's very rewarding and a good investment.