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Please read and sign.....

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Re: [rdrcofe] Please read and sign..... In reply to
Hi from across the pond....from what i read, the economy isnt doing that well, closures etc happening frequently....only the rich are getting richer is what im seeing and hearing, the poor are suffering more ....and any upswing may be the fruit of Obama still....or yes, because others are running the show while Trump tweets or plays golf...LOL

An American friend who does not agree with Trump, (and there are more than we think, LOL) had this written on her FB today.....

" I'm still trying to figure out which Christian ideals is he standing for? Can someone show me the scripture that says followers of Christ should help the rich, close our borders and our hearts to the weak and defenseless and destroy God's creation so we can strip out a few more ounces of oil? The Christian Right are NOT CHRISTIANS!! And those of you who think you can deny the TRUTH of the gospels are going to be sadly disappointed. If they don't turn back to the LOVE and SERVICE of Christ. They will find themselves in the goat herd. Me, I do my best to live under the Love of Christ because I know the law ends in death."

I basically agree with her....more info is coming in all the time regarding his dishonest ways and his deals with Russia people can condon such is beyond me...and the idea of him ushering in the endtimes, and that is why some so called Christians like him, is also beyond me, because if they have so much faith, why dont they leave that up to God instead of trying to do it for Him...?????

People need to listen to more than Fox news...and it is not all fake news, no matter what Trump says....and he cant continue to blame it all on Obama and Hilary....that is ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous....

Will Trump get an invite to the wedding?????? LOL
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Re: [mrsmac] Please read and sign..... In reply to
mrsmac: Hi.

The Christian Right are NOT CHRISTIANS!! And those of you who think you can deny the TRUTH of the gospels are going to be sadly disappointed. If they don't turn back to the LOVE and SERVICE of Christ. They will find themselves in the goat herd. Me, I do my best to live under the Love of Christ because I know the law ends in death."

Actually the 'Christian Right' is an illogical oxymoron. Christ made it perfectly clear that His Kingdom was 'Not of This World', but the so called 'Christian Right' are political animals, who see politics as the way to achieve their 'Kingdom' ends. 'Christian Left' is also an oxymoron though, with more 'allegiance' to Marks, Lenin or Mao Tse Dung, than to Jesus Christ.

It is a fact of scripture that even in the Church of only DAYS after Pentecost there were 'Christians' that would have failed to get a 'Well done good and Faithful Servant' from Christ. They would more likely have got an 'I never knew you, get out of my sight' instead.

The Church ever since has been a polluted grain field of a very mixed 'harvest'. Fortunately it will not fall to US to do the sorting, we are not fit for the task. The ovens are waiting for those who failed to serve according to His Teaching, and that will include those who supported non Kingdom methods over the methods He instructed 'good and faithful' disciples to use.

Regards Chris.
In Christ God was reconciling the world to himself, not counting their trespasses against them, and entrusting the message of reconciliation to us. 2 Cor. 5:19. Love covers a multitude of sins. 1 Pet.4:8b.

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rdrcofe: Jan 19, 2018, 12:43 PM
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Re: [mrsmac] Please read and sign..... In reply to
I don't watch Fox News either. But it is not just he politics of the US that you disdain. It is the people who voted for and/or support Trump that you choose to disdain.

There was no collusion with Russia from the Trump camp or from the RNC. There was no treason with Russia. As far as "dishonesty in general" there is none there. There is ever-present political dishonesty and business dishonesty, but Trump is not alone in either of these.

There are no KKK/Nazi leanings and no evidence that Trump has ever been a racist or acts as a racist in the oval office.

Trumps actions on the Paris Accords were spot on. It is a joke by any measure. Removing the US from them was absolutely the right thing to do, whether or not one believes that human activity is causing climate change.

The EPA was used by Obama to destroy our economy. Why? The EPA was used to punish states. Why? Both of these are Unconstitutional actions by Obama or any other president. The EPA under Obama ignored its actual tasks and under Trump's choice of director, Scott Pruitt, it is returning to its legal and original roots and those employees that were true to that task are grateful.

North Korea has been appeased by previous presidents to the point where the world is threatened by that fat snot, whose people believe is God. That time is over. What will happen is anybody's guess, but what would have happened had Trump decided not to check the crazy boy was looking to be certain. Most are hoping that he is not so crazy that he doesn't realize he is doomed if he doesn't stand down. China needs to smack him down for good and rid us all of the NK threat and free those people, if only to Chinese rule.

The Iran nuclear deal was the worst in history and what Obama did the last year of his presidency to aid Iran (Why?) is just now coming to light. You speak of treason...there it is.

Republicans traditionally truly care about the poor in our county and others. Leftist Democrats do not, but they say they do.

The tide is up and boats are rising and the poor, black, latino and all are rising with it. Companies are coming home and bringing their tax dollars with them, giving employees bonuses, growing, hiring more...all due to the tax bill even before it actually has effect as a new tax bill.

Trump from the beginning, has sought to find a Constitutionally legal way to help those here illegally who are benefiting the nation...DACA and others. DACA was Unconstitutional and Obama not only knew it but repeatedly stated it to the public.

We have every right to vet and limit our immigrants, just as every other nation, including Canada does.

Trump grew up on an era when women said they did not need protection from men and they wanted to be assumed to be just as sexually promiscuous and aggressive as men. To do otherwise was to insult them as adults. Adult women knew the atmosphere and they played the game. I fault Trump for nothing in his past behavior. He must obviously change his attitude, but adultery? LaughLaugh

The Hollywood Hos are hypocrites. They belittle those who have truly been sexually assaulted. Shame on any of them who played the game and reaped the rewards and now cry and moan about their condition. the wall. We want a wall and we want it before any agreement is made about illegal immigrants here or coming here. The democrats signed a bill in the 1980s that a wall would be built if Reagan granted amnesty to those illegals already here. They lied.

What do you overlook in your politics and in your little Socialist boy? Yes, that is snarky, cuz that is how we feel toward your politics.

I am an atheist who was a Never-Trumper. I support Trump. Religion has absolutely nothing to do with it.

"The Ox is slow, but the Earth is patient."
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Re: [rdrcofe] Please read and sign..... In reply to
yes, so very thankful we do not have to do the sorting....Smile
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Re: [jeanne53] Please read and sign..... In reply to
Jeanne we are not ever going to agree regarding this....its useless even attempting to.....

I feel there is definite treason with Russia and racism, religion in the worst meaning of the word, played a big part in Trump being president....

our "little socialist boy" is far from perfect, i actually didnt vote for him, but hes better than what we had before...(the best we have is Elizabeth from the Green Party...brilliant lady)...and Justin is very bright, as was his Daddy....but time will tell....

your debating skills are much better than mine, for now, all i can say is to agree to disagree....
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Re: [mrsmac] Please read and sign..... In reply to
Hi Dawn

You FEEL there is "definite treason with Russia" when there has been no evidence from the beginning that there was or is? You just "feel" that there is? How does that work exactly?

The only evidence concerning Russia so far that smacks of collusion or possible treason or illegal action is on the part of the DNC, the FBI, the Clintons and Barrack Obama. What are you reading or listening to that hasn't explained this?

Tell me about the "racism" bit. Do you mean that racists voters just hated that a half-black man got voted in as president or that Trump is a racist or that half of the voters wanted a president who would get rid of blacks and latinos and other minorities? Or do you mean that half of the voters felt we should not be allowing illegals to continue to live here or that we should not allow immigrants in who come from any of the nations placed on the "terrorist threat" list that Obama used?

What do you mean by racism in regards to America? Do you actually believe "hands up, don't shoot" and other fairy tales promoted by the Leftists and Black Lives Matters and others of that ilk?

Trump has done more for black citizens than any president since Reagan. Obama certainly never did much for them except to tell them that they could not do anything for themselves and that the police were stupid and out to get them and that they must accept the "new normal" and then he gave them phones and got more of them on food stamps than ever before and ruined their healthcare costs along with everyone's and incited them to riot.

Try this article for a viewpoint from a Never Trump magazine, "National Review":

I just don't get how people can continue to "need to believe" what is proved wrong about our current president, yet will refuse to accept anything negative about their adored Leftists, such as Obama and Clinton.


"The Ox is slow, but the Earth is patient."