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Are you moving your tents towards Sodom?

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Are you moving your tents towards Sodom?
In the Parasha of "Lech-Lecha", it mentions that Abraham nephew Lot, separated himself from him, and the Torah says that; "He pitched his tents towards Sodom"

But this was just the beginning, we find out later that he "moved into the city" with his whole family. What happened to his tents? his flocks? did he change profession?

The Torah goes on to say that he was sitting by the gates of Sodom, as one of the "welcoming committee" People who usually "sat by the gates" were on the "city council" and were in the position of being "judges"

The Torah also lets us know that the "City was extremely wicked before YHVH" yet Lot chose to move there. In the New Covenant, it mentions Lot as a "righteous man" yet even "Tzadikim" can get around the wrong people and in the wrong environment. Perhaps, this might be where you are today.

Many believers have secular jobs and in those jobs, there are "wicked people" involved in all kinds of sin. How do we relate to that? We must keep our testimony pure, in spite of our surroundings, in spite of the "Sodomites" of today, we must remain "Tzadik"

However, if it is all possible, and we have a choice, let's NOT go to live in Sodom, nor even have thoughts of "pitching our tents, our minds, our intentions" towards "Sodom USA" or whatever nation you live in.

We know that the Angels rescued Lot and his family, consisting of his wife and two daughters. But we know what happened, when instructed to "flee" and "get out of there" while Lot obeyed, his wife "turned back to look" her heart was still in Sodom, the result was that she got "salted"
(hope no horses came around to lick her)

Even Lot's daughters were affected by the influence of Sodom, they had sex with him and as a result, came the Moabites. If we are not careful, our whole family can be affected if we are in the "wrong place" perhaps in the "wrong neighborhood" (maybe the rent is cheaper for a reason!)

If you had the choice of making a "lot of money" by working for or in "Sodom"....or...making less money but living "far from Sodom" what would you choose? think about it! and think about how your family will be affected too.