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Quick question??

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Quick question??
My fiance and I have been interested in learning more about the Lutheran faith, (i am currently greek orthodox, and he has never been to church since he was very young), and we want to make God apart of our lives, and our marriage. So, we are planning on attending a Lutheran church next week and I had the silliest question?? What do you wear? In my church, the women had to wear a nice dress and the men, nice slacks and tie. But i know not all churches were like that, so I was just curious. Also, if anyone would like to tell me more about the faith, I would love to hear from you! Thanks so much=)
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Dear Steph,

You probably know by now just what you can wear, being that your post was a year ago. But I will answer your question anyway for readers who may be curious.

Many Lutheran churches have multiple services. Some services are formal and others are casual. A nice pair of slacks and a blouse are just fine for most services.

What is most important is that you wear clean clothes that cover you nicely. You don't have to wear fancy or expensive clothing. God appreciates a smile and a willing heart, He won't judge you based on what you are wearing and neither should other members.

We try not to wear clothing that is seductive for the sake of others. Modesty not only protects you but also makes worship less distracting to people who come to keep their minds focused on scripture and praise. This is true of all Lutheran churches in general.