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Lutherans and Lent...??

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Lutherans and Lent...??
Hello, I have one question: Do Lutherans observe Lent like Catholics do? Or, do they observe it, but NOT like Catholics...?

Thank you for any responses...
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Gave up pop one year for lent before I became Luthern.

A co-worker had out a copy of Catholic Today or something like that and I decided to do the Lent thing.

Felt so good giving up pop for Lent that I gave it up for quite a while. But I'm back to the addiction again.

I've gone a whole day with out pop Kind of tempted as I have some pop in the fridge. Anymore I make it about 4 days in a row with out a pop.

Hum, going off on a pop tangent!!!

"It is a time for reflection and repentance our focus is on Christ and his sacrifice and glorious resurrection. Not on what we can give up but what He gave up for us, we focus on giving all of us to him. "

It is easy to lose focuse.