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Divorce in Lutheran tradition

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Divorce in Lutheran tradition
Hello all! Can somebody tell me how divorce is done in the Lutheran church? I was married at the city hall and then at the Lutheran church in Norway. But for certain reasons this marriage was unbearable and we decided to end it. The legal divorce took a year, but I finally got it. But is there some ritual or tradion how to get a confirmation (just spiritual) from the church that I'm divorced not only in the eyes of the low, but at the church as well? For a example, in Russian orthodox church after you get a legal divorce you can apply for the church divorce and they do a certain rituals on it, then grant you their blessing or confirmation...I've no idea if it's done the same way in the lutheran tradition, it was my ex-husband's church, but i hope there's something that a minister can do about it. I just wanna make sure that i'm not staying tied up i this relationship from the spiritual point of view. Thank you very much.
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I'm sure glad that you warned us about the Russian Orthodox Church so that none of us will go there.Fortunately Christian churches do not bless people who get divorced;it is considered a tragedy not a gift.Jesus' teaching on divorce is repeated several times in the Bible.The big problem is that God doesn't accept it.Divorce is for the courts not the churches.When people marry they remain married in God's eyes until their spouse dies and for that reason,if they re-marry before the death occurs,they are committing adultery.(Mark 10:11-12)Therefore it is impossible for a true Christian minister to bless or even recognize divorce.The words in the wedding vow "UNTIL DEATH DO US PART" come directly from Jesus.Maybe they haven't been translated into Russian yet.
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Re: Divorce in Lutheran tradition In reply to
Thank you very much for your answers. Just to make sure that I didn't mislead you about Russian Orthodox church, they are also following all the scriptures, and it's extremely difficult to get any approval about divorce from them. It takes few years and exceptional circumstances. And only very few churches do it, and they are not known or central. So - it's not like they are too easy-going. I'm not the part of it anyway, it's just what i heard about how they do it. Now I'm sorry that I've ever mentioned it, coz that's just what I heard from somebody, but generally Russian Orthodox is very strict and spiritual and I've nothing bad to say about it. The same way I heard that Anglican church allowes separation in case of continuous physical abuse and if your spouse isn't christian. Once again - people who were under these circumstances shared their knowledge with me and I don't clam it to be 100% true.

Dr. Crosby, Bible is o course translated in russian and is being followed there as everywhere else.

Well, what about me, - i got married to the worst possible person, for all the wrong reasons, who wasn't even christian at the time, but kinda became one under my pressure. All my church leaders and my family were warning me against it, but still i went with it and made this terrible mistake. These two years were the worst years of my life, there never was understanding or love, but there was abuse, spiritual crisis and tragedy there. I broke my forehead in prayers trying to reconcile and fulfill the scriptures about it, but it got worse every day. Since we separated our ways I literally started breathing again and my spiritual ways were renewed.

I have a long background in traditional christianity, but this marriage has shaken it alot...But since it's over, i find that there's God again in my life and I can pray and communicate with Him and be happy. And beleive it or not, I feel that He is happy for me.

I guess God must be considering everybody's circumstances and He understands us when we try to correct our mistakes. I believe that there's a forgiveness and hope for a new start in life for everyone of us, sinners, coz Jesus came here for us specifically. And if He forgave woman that had 5 husbands that were not even her wedded husbands, I hope that He might be able to forgive me for when I had to try to save my spirit by walking away from somebody who continuously and on purpose tried to ruin it.

And I really think that if there's ever a chance in my life to meet a real godly man and marry him for all the right reasons, I hope I won't be condemned eternally for it in the eyes of Jesus.

I hope, He is bigger than that.

Do you think I'm trying to excuse myself for what i did? Maybe.

All I can say is that I kept repenting about what happened every day since my wedding, and then every day since my separation and then i thought - is it helping that i'm buried in guilt so much that i got an ulcer because of it, lost my job, because i couldn't smile anymore, and stopped going to church, because i couldn't explain there that it's not possible to reconcile with somebody that doesn't wanna know God and is trying to ruin me physically and spiritually?

And then I thought - if i asked God for forgiveness a million times already, shouldn't i accept this forgiveness and also try to forgive myself?

It was not easy, but it was the right decision.

If God grants us His forgiveness by His Grace, not by our deeds, then why should I condemn myself? (Let me point once more, that it came to me after few years or ruining myself with guilt and realization of my sins). After many years of struggle and guilt I'm happy and at peace now finally... And would I dare to say that I still feel that He loves me? I feel it now more than ever.
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Re: Divorce in Lutheran tradition In reply to
Dear Divina,

Jesus doesn't want people to get divorced if they "can" stay together. That being made clear, you should understand that Lutherans are Protestant Christians. If you get a legal divorce from the government, you are considered divorced in the Lutheran church. Even if we don't like it, or approve of it. It's legal.

Will God forgive a divorce? He sure will, Divina. Move on and hold up your head. Jesus has paid your sin debt. Just as He pays for any sin dept belonging to those who are true believers. He died because He seriously had to in order that you may become new.

There are many believers in our country who do not take marriage seriously. Our people are very tired and sad about it. We do not mean to be harsh. We obviously don't know your personal circumstances.


(Hey, John, thanks for the support. Read you later!)