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Can I get some advice/info/help?

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Can I get some advice/info/help?
Hi. I am new here but I have some questions and would truly appreciate any help I can get from you all.

Let me give some background first so the questions make more sense: I grew up in a house of barely any religious practice. I know I was baptised when I was a baby, my father brought me to have it done. However, he died when I was 4 years old and I have no record of the baptism, my mom has no record, and no one remembers what church it occurred at. All I know is that it was a Catholic Church because that is the denomination of my father's side of the family. They no longer speak to us for some unexplained reasons. Ok, so here are my questions: I plan to convert to Lutheranism because that is the denomination I most identify with and the one which my boyfriend, who I plan to marry some day, follows as well. How do I go about converting if I have no record of my baptism? How do I avoid going through an entire process of classes and such? Any information is greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.
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Dear Talia,

Oh Rejoice, Talia!

Don't think of becoming a "Lutheran" as a conversion unless you have never accepted Christ as your Lord and Savior. Think of it as "shifting focus." There are many devoted believers in Christ in both Catholic and Protestant Denominations!

If you are converting. Then welcome to The Body of Christ!

The classes you take will be fun and adventurous. Jump right in! You will discover a wonderful life in Christ. There will be hardships still, but, you will never be alone again. Don't worry about any class that a pastor might suggest, you will enjoy and grow! Please do not wait to be married to begin a new life, just start right away. Jesus, is also a "husband" to His believers and starting in a new church is as much about you as an individual as it is about married couples.

Oh, Blessings On Your New Life In Christ!