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Use of incense and asthma

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Use of incense and asthma
This Christmas a friend of mine could not go to her Anglican Church communion service because the minister there appears to have an obsession for lots of incense during his service. "I am going to do incense and more incense!", he said. Some members of the congregation walked out, others held handkerchieves to their noses.

What has incense to do with salvation? It seems to be purely a ritual and this particular minister seems to have no understanding of asthma sufferers. Ministers are our servants, they are there to serve the congregation. If they are not more considerate I am sure their membership will decline even further.
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 barryac (barryac):

What has incense to do with salvation?

You are right, of course. Incense is not a requisite of salvation, it may possibly be an aid to worship for some people. It symbolizes the ascending prayers of the saints.

However it does adversely affect asthma sufferers and to introduce it without consultation or concern for others. Most Anglican churches which use it have a long established tradition and anyone who is adversely affected goes elsewhere to where they have no such 'tradition'. There are plenty of Anglican churches which don't use it and some which only occasionally do on Highdays and Holydays.

Regards Chris.