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Where will North America be before long?

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Where will North America be before long?

Look what this guy wrote in the year 1999, about our present day wars with Iraq, about the World Trade Center bombings, and about what our every day life would soon be like in America. All of it obviously describing these and a zillion other things, years before they ever took place. As Americans we had better hope his last prophecies are not as accurate as the eighty or so that are spelled out in these 1999 prophecies. All of it documented with over a hundred recent photos. Better hope this guy is wrong with his very descriptive prophecies re: the America he says we are soon to see. Then, they provide a forum for comments, and to read the comments made by others.

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I have read a bit of this, looked at the site, and summised this to be propaganda of a sort. It does not take into account sovereignty of God. This world will go His way.

It does not take into account the successes of America, the freedom and liberty this country spreads. The economy is the best it has been in decades, and unemployment, and overall health of America. There are those who wish to blame America for the freedom being brought to the world. "Freedom isn't free" is a phrase not understood by many of the younger generation here.

The Iranian leader the other day actually was applauded by students of Columbia University. He is a murderer, a terrorist leader and financier, and is helping kill our soldiers in Iraq with the supplies he helps move into that country.

This is America, the land of the free, home of the brave.

If anyone does not wish to live here, they ought to leave. But, they do not. People from all countries flood here to America and her dreams. Yet the ones who would change our government from a democracy and land of "self governed" to a socialist/communist state have the ability to make that point without fear of death because they are in America.

Leave America alone, or leave it.

Where will America be before long? Here, with a stronger government and a free people governing her. We do not need this false fear spread though our land. God is watching over us, and the least we ought to hope and expect is that America will be where God He wants her to be. A land of hope, a land of refuge, a people wanting to help others find the freedom we have here.

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Re: Where will North America be before long? In reply to
Dear Wanda ... God bless and keep you from fear and uncertainty in these most troublesome times.

The Word of God has much to say about the "Peoples of the Christian West" in general and The United States in particular.

The Father indeed has a plan and a purpose for the Nations and there is no need as a Christian to be left as it were "in the dark" as to what is happening to the USA and for why.

My advice is to beware of falling into the devised trap of "us versus them" promoted by the media and encouraged by the political shakers and movers of this world order. For example the old "Rep v Dem" ... "Communist v Capitalist" ... "Terrorist v "The Good guys" etc etc etc ... For the Word says that it is God who reigns in the kingdoms of men and gives them to whomsoever he chooses. If you want to takes sides in any debate firstly consult the will of God first concerning the desired outcome.

I have found the following website invaluable in coming to understand God's purpose for the USA in the coming years ... enjoy ... Scroll down and find "A Prophetic History of the United States" ...