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Church is so Toxic

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Church is so Toxic
Hey everyone.
I need advice, and some help.. (and LOTS of prayer, please!)

I am a secretary in a church... I see A LOT, hear A LOT..

So, there are about 3 pastors at my church who are NOT pastors. These 3 (we will call them Al, Bob, Ed)
So, Al, Bob, and Ed.. are so lazy.. and Al is the Senior Pastor. All 3 of them are so controlling..
We have one Pastor (we will call him Robin.)
Robin is the ONLY pastor who is a true pastor. But Al, Bob and Ed do not like Robin.
No one knows why these 3 don't like Robin. Anyway, Robin is an anointed man of God.
Maybe those 3 are jealous.. (I don't know..)
But they want Robin gone..
Now Bob, he is the Youth pastor.. He is so lazy... I watch him do nothing all day... then, he gets me to do stupid jobs for him to do.. Like, by the time he explains something for me to do for him, he could have done it himself..
Bob is so frustrating... He is so bossy and so controlling..
You think I would be able to talk to Al (the senior pastor) about this, or Ed (the assistant pastor) but no... Everyone looks out for each other.. Al and Ed would stick up for Bob...
And I know that I do everything for the Lord... God is my boss... not these 3 clowns.. but it so hard for me..
Bob, Al and Ed show NO RESPECT for Robin.. they accuse him of false things he did.
Ok, here is what happened..
So, one Sunday, Pastor Robin, prayed for the congregation in our church.
Pastor Robin's prayer was really long.. but so what.. he was praying from his heart!
Anyway, on Tuesday, in our staff meeting, Pastor Robin was away..
He was doing a hospital visit with a lady who was dying..
Anyway, Al, and Bob were critizing Pastor Robin's prayer.. they were saying it was too long!!!!!
And for Pastor Robin's 'punishment', he is not allowed to make announcements or pray anymore on Sundays..
And Al told me not to put that in the minutes! - Like REALLY??!!!!
So, anyway, I am really ticked off with that...
And a few months ago, I went into the sanctuary with a heavy heart..
I cried and prayed, and I sang, "Holy Spirit, You Are Welcome Here."
I couldn't help after but feel so burdened, and so frustrated and so angry..
I said, "Oh Jesus, Why isn't the Holy Spirit welcome here?"
And this is what I felt:
I heard Jesus say, "Because it's all about control.. When the Holy Spirit takes over, no one can stop the Holy Spirit. This church is all about control, Bob, Al and Ed need to have control.."
So anyway, that is my 'controlled church.' These 3 pastors do not let the Holy Spirit take over..
They are so controlling.. I feel that is not right.. but, I can't talk to any of the pastors because they don't listen..
Anyway, what I'm trying to ask if I can get the words out properly..
I love doing things for people.. but I can't explain it.. Lately I have this hard heart against Al, Bob and Ed.
I don't want to do anything for them... I know it's not ok for me to feel this way, but is it ok??
I get so mad at them because they are hurting Pastor Robin!!
I don't want to do anything for them because of that.
I think I know the answer to my question.. I think I already answered it.. I do everything for the Lord..
But oh... it makes me so mad to think that they can say all these lies about Pastor Robin!!!!!!
Everyone... I need out of this church.. and so does Pastor Robin.. we need out of this toxic place..
Please pray that we can get new jobs. And pray for me please... I love God.. I really do...
But I can't help but feel so angry around Bob, Ed, and Al..

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angelicprincess: May 20, 2016, 1:23 PM
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Re: [angelicprincess] Church is so Toxic In reply to
angelicprincess: Hi

It makes me sad when I see stories like the one you have just related. Churches are full of imperfect people, ( both scripture and experience tells us that ), but imperfect people, (like ourselves), should never regard themselves as being beyond reproach or criticism, especially ‘imperfect people’ in positions of leadership. ( Leaders must be servants of all, not hypocritical, back stabbing, control freaks or lazy, self righteous critics.)

You seem to be placed in a very difficult situation as an employee. You have a right to express your dissatisfaction with the situation as you see it, but I wonder what the best course of action might be, in your circumstances.

I think pastor Robin should be made aware of the situation, (from your particular point of view), without becoming embroiled in internal politics you have a right to complain that your job is being made difficult and unpleasant by the levels of personal animosity toward him, that you are forced to witness among his so called ‘support’ staff.

It’s your call of course. Things could get even more unpleasant if you tackle this issue head on. Then again they already seem unpleasant enough if things continue as they are. You may need to think about seeking new employment in a less toxic work place. You might even try for better wages and conditions elsewhere. Ask God about it and be ready for a move, if He thinks you should move on to pastures, (and perhaps Pastors), new.

I wish you success and a happy issue out of your present predicament.

Regards Chris.
In Christ God was reconciling the world to himself, not counting their trespasses against them, and entrusting the message of reconciliation to us. 2 Cor. 5:19. Love covers a multitude of sins. 1 Pet.4:8b.

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rdrcofe: May 20, 2016, 3:22 PM
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Re: [angelicprincess] Church is so Toxic In reply to
Hi, sweet princess!
I am sorry that you find yourself in this situation. Everything that you say they are doing is unfair and wrong. No question about that.

But let's look at it from your point of view. What does Abba want YOU to learn here. I say, perhaps, patience? compassion? prayer? You have an opportunity here to show them Jesus. What would Jesus do?

I know if it was me, I would just get a new job; but I always was a runner. And Abba had to teach me to withstand the unpleasant situations. I'm not saying that is what He wants to do with you. I'm just throwing out thoughts.

I will be praying for you all. Please keep in touch with us and let us know what Father is doing. K?
Blessings ~ Sarah
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Re: [praizeop2] Church is so Toxic In reply to
Hello angelicprincess and welcome to Praize.

You have my sympathy, sweetie. But…you have been offered some excellent advice from Chris and Sarah, so I am going to offer only this; consider not only changing your place of employment, but consider doing secretarial work for a place where you do not worship.

Is there any workplace that does not eventually involve its people in "office politics?" I don't think there is, but when that is interfering with your spiritual sensitivities it must be very uncomfortable. People are people, no matter what their belief and faith, and it is rare to find a place that manages to provide for everybody's ego without letting some go amok, especially when there is a power struggle.

Best of luck to you.

"The Ox is slow, but the Earth is patient."
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Re: [jeanne53] Church is so Toxic In reply to
Although there is some of what Jeanne has said to you I have not agreed with; it is amazing how close what she said coincides with a scriptural answer to you .
Before I go any further I would like you to consider this verse from 1Peter,

1 Peter 4:17-19Names of God Bible (NOG)

17 The time has come for the judgment to begin, and it will begin with God’s family. If it starts with us, what will be the end for those who refuse to obey the Good News of God? 18 If it’s hard for the person who has God’s approval to be saved, what will happen to the godless sinner? 19 Those who suffer because that is God’s will for them must entrust themselves to a faithful creator and continue to do what is good.

There is a time period that is thought to be now before the coming of the Lord that the condition in the body of Christ will bring judgment in the House of God. Despite the current Global revival of the Holy Spirit the conditions that you went into are also wide spread in the body of Christ and especially for the first in the Charismatic part of the body. This revival is not based in the Charismatics or Pentecostals but the body of Christ as a whole and for the first time we are getting a real look at the purpose of the ministry of the Holy Spirit to the Church. The purpose of the Spirit is not to produce a body that goes around speaking tongues but one who uses the doors of the Spirit as a communication line with Heaven.
Those especially leadership who do not remain in a state of humility before heaven end up in a state of pride, a state facing a place of judgment from the Lord.
What happened in that meeting you made reference to has no scriptural standing and was not in the interest of the body as a whole.

Where do you go from here: first to a private time in the closet and remain there until secure directions come from the Holy Spirit and you have peace in your heart. You cannot speak a word publically in this until directions come from the Lord. Remember peace is a part of your life in the Spirit and your life in Him(John14 :27)--THE PEACE OF THE LORD.

I have been a similar path to you when this occurred in my life. The Lord sent me home after almost ten years in a field of evangelism/prophecy and I felt sure that I would be received as an eminent figure in ministry; I ended up as a janitor in the new church my wife led us to, Because of our separation times my pride kept me from seeing a problem in our family and I needed to be a husband and needed to be a father more than in ministry. Despite a call of ministry the life of family must be maintained.
At the close of this time the Lord led me to anther work where I ended up as an associate pastor and titles do not nor have not mattered since only the direction of the Holy Spirit.
If you follow the direction of the Lord in private he will direct you in public and it may be in another place but that time in your life will only be when your spiritual life is totally secure in Him.
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Re: [m7thprophet] Church is so Toxic In reply to
I hope and pray that Angelicprincess receives from our posts.
I am reminded of a time I was called from an office to the main office of the company. I was sure that I was going to lose my job, through the wrong actions of others. As I was driving, my phone rang. It was my best friend, calling from a Creflo Dollar meeting in Atlanta. Abba had sent her. She encouraged me and prayed with me and I went into that meeting victorious and with the peace of God.

I say all this just to encourage that Abba is aware! And He cares! Just trust in Him for your direction. YOU be the Christian! I can tell from your words that you are a godly woman. You can't go wrong when you are godly!
Blessings ~ Sarah
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Re: [praizeop2] Church is so Toxic In reply to
Ok, so I have another question..
You know how the Bible says that one of the greatest sin (or the worst sin) is to blasphemy the Holy Spirit?
Well.. if a pastor is anointed of the Holy Spirit, is that not the same?
I mean, I know my Pastor is not the Holy Spirit, but he is anointed..
So, seeing as Pastor Robin is anointed, and people are blaspheming against him....
Will they not be punished??
'Do not touch an anointed man of God...'
(Isn't that the same?)
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Re: [angelicprincess] Church is so Toxic In reply to
The bible says touch not mine anointed neither do my prophets any harm. There isn't any reason that verse can't apply to you and does though you may not be in an pulpit in just function in everyday life ---life in the Lord. The pastor nor any other person can use occasion to degrade your name or person ,you are Biblically instructed as believer to speak the best of the word concerning a brother.
When the Pastor ministers you have the authority and instruction from the word to judge the words that he speaks and run the plumb line of the word against them.

To degrade the Pastor or any believer out of their hearing regardless of the truth to what's said becomes death words and gossip meaning a judgment is coming on a spiritual basis.

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Re: [angelicprincess] Church is so Toxic In reply to
It is good that you have concerns for your fellow church members, and I understand your concerns for them. But the older you get, you will find that you have fewer and fewer answers for others. Nor do you need them. Pray for them; being assured that our heavenly Father will deal with them in all fairness and love. Yes, love. He loves them SO much and wants them to turn their lives around, stop living in the natural, and begin living in the spiritual. That should be your prayer for them: Father, I pray for my friend that he/she will develop a deeper relationship with You.

Pray that they will see Jesus in you. They won't see Him if you are constantly concerned about them. Work to strengthen your own relationship with Christ. Pray that you will get fed, either there or at another church, if Abba would have you go someplace new. Just be sure you are led, in your prayers, your words, and your actions.

Look up Foundation of Praise on the internet and do some reading on Merlin Carothers and his writings. I think it will give you a new perspective on the situation. In fact, type in "Merlin Carothers" in the search bar at the top right-hand corner of any page on Praize and you will get some good information and teaching that will help you grow and deal with your situation. Then be sure and return here to let us know how things are progressing. You are not here by accident. Father has brought us together for a time such as this, and we want to be kept informed. May blessings and peace be yours.
Blessings ~ Sarah