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Historical, Linguistic and Archaeological Proof

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Historical, Linguistic and Archaeological Proof
Most people don't realize that there are multiple ways to back up the veracity of the Bible. First of all, there is historical proof. Anyone can easily walk where Jesus and King David and Bible characters walked throughout Israel. In fact, there are often ancient churches built on those historical sites. In addition, more than one famous atheist came to Israel to try disprove the truth of the Bible and ended up believing in
Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. Having taken graduate courses in linguistics I very aware of the linguistic proofs backing up the validity of the Bible. There are the Dead Sea Scrolls that were put in jars in caves and left there since the time of Jesus. Almost every book of the Old Testament was found in the Dead Sea Scrolls with almost no variation whatsoever in our Bible text today. In addition, there are not just a few manuscripts that back up the New Testament but thousands and thousands and more are being discovered every year. Lastly, we can look at writings of authors of old like Josephus who was not even a Christian but made clear that Jesus was a real person and who did amazing miracles. Anyone who says the Bible is myth has simply not done any research on the subject.
Craig Dressler