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words from the heart

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words from the heart
God first

Beloved All

Hi all I have read the book of Mormons and like it a lot so here I share some words of Prophecy with this site since the Mormons believe in it too according to the book I read

with love and an holy kiss blowing your way Roy


I Roy William Perry III a man of God, brother to Jesus Christ by having seed of faith in the image of God growing like an unborn child in the belly of a woman before the great day of the child birth.

For I am a man that was born into this world by my mother Bessie Perry which seed was planted in her by my father Roy William Perry Jr and the great fleshly day of birth came May third 1960 AD.

But I look forward to the day of by second birth the day when I am born into immortality to be like the most high God. But until that day I grow in the spirit as a child of flesh grows in his or her mother womb.

The birth into being like the most high God as a being like Christ was changed into before he left in the air is part of the hope of glory that at the last trump or last sound before that great day we but on immortality.

For the dead in Christ have rose first. They are the ones who die waiting for Christ to win over death. The ones who die from Adam to last death before Jesus Christ die. They got up at the last sound Christ made at his death .

Which is the last trump for the dead in Christ. The bible and other books of old talk about the dead risen and the apostles

talk about seeing Moses and Elias at the time Jesus Christ left in the clouds.

This men are part of the 24 elders talk about in books like Revelation who are in heaven with God and Christ now because at that great day they but on incorruption because they die while waiting for the first coming of Jesus Christ.

While we the alive in Christ we change at our last sound of breath which is the last trump or return of Christ for us. But this is a day when by the actions of fleshly men when all man judge themself greater than each other by fire blowing the earth out of its orbit, which causes all things of flesh like on earth or in heaven to fall apart.

This causes all the mankind to last their last breath which some changing immortality while others dying the second death like a fleshly child that is born dead. This makes Christ created a new heaven and earth being the third one.

The first was in the beginning created by God destroy by sin which cause the second one to begin. The first without sin, the second with sin, and the third without sin.

Since Christ had to created a new heaven and earth one without sin death has lost its string. For without sin there is no for death and without death there is no more sin.

For we are changed to be like God and Christ which can not lie or sin because they are change with pure knowledge of what is good and just. As for all the details about us at this time I just do not know how to put in words.

I know what some think about my note of love. They say they have researched the bible and that I am wrong. I say they may say that it is their right to point a finger at me like the Pharisee's

did to Jesus Christ and others because he taught differ than they did.

But I say they shortcoming is that they research the words of God with tools of the flesh to help them get the right meaning. I tell you standing tall God did not write the bible were one could use tools of the flesh to learn the heart of it.

God had it wrote so you could learn enough to see that all truth comes from above or by the way of the spirit either by revelation about what you read which comes by one on one talks with God and Jesus Christ teaching you the heart of the words of God.

Like when Jesus Christ said to the disciples ---

“Matthew 16:13 When Jesus came into the coasts of Caesarea Philippi, he asked his disciples, saying, Whom do men say that I the Son of man am?

14 And they said, Some say that thou art John the Baptist: some, Elias; and others, Jeremias, or one of the prophets.

15 He saith unto them, But whom say ye that I am?

16 And Simon Peter answered and said, Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.

17 And Jesus answered and said unto him, Blessed art thou, Simon Barjona: for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven.”

Yes Jesus Christ was teaching then all truth comes from above. We read that many people knew he was the son of God in the words of God written about his life to come, the life he lived in the flesh, and about his return.

All these books wrote of old gave the signs to know who he was when he came but he said to know it must came from above not all the books may of been wrote to get men ready for the coming of Christ whether it be first or last.

I tell you without a one on one fellowship with God and his son Jesus the Christ you can not know the truth in full. Yes you may read enough to get faith which is seed but faith must grow and growth come from fellowship with above the seed within you talking with God and Christ.

For since the seed is spirit it can talk to God who is spirit and since the seed was placed by the actions of Jesus Christ who is like the most high God making him a spiritual kind then this seed in you is the bridge from flesh to spirit.

Until you know God like he knows you and until you know Christ like he knows you. The day you become like the most high God, the day you are born or changed into immortality.

I tell you the day when the earth is roll into a ball of fire is coming sooner than most think. Today is the day the either have seed place in you or to build that seed up while you watch for that great day of new birth.

Now I love you and I wrote this out of love. I say join me as a brother to Jesus Christ. Reach a lone side of me toward truth having God and Christ teaching us all things of love.

With love and an holy kiss blowing your way Roy

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Roy take my word for it the Book of Mormon written by Joseph Smith the false prophet of the Mormon church isn't inspired by God he used these 2 stones to interpret and was given the brass plates which had the Book of Mormon on them by an Angel named Moroni and very few people ever saw them other than Smith. Many of the things written in the Book of Mormon by Smith have been proven to be false and you'd be wise to throw it out. I'm kathmrc an ex-Mormon and I found the Mormon religion to be a cult and full of some very confusing doctrine and you can't believe anything they tell you. They make it seem like it's a form of Christianity well they do believe in Jesus Christ but in their classes they make the Bible secondary to the Book of Mormon and I was a member of the church for nearly 3 years. I learned enough to know some of what they teach doesen't line up w/the Bible and I got out of it and am now a Member and Greeter in a Full Gospel church and was baptised into that church.
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Re: words from the heart In reply to
God first

Beloved kathmrc

God bless your heart I am not in the Mormon church or any church form by man but I stand in the household of God.

As for the Mormon book I was bless to read it and after a long talk with God I learn a lot of truths. As the holy bible I read it a lot and it blesses me to read it too but my true understanding comes from the spirit of Christ in me.

Yes today I would say its more like a cult but most churches They have customs they run after and forget the main picture while running after money. If the Mormon church is like this I do not know because I have not visit it just read a book written years ago and edit over time by its leaders.

But I do not think they will want my understanding because I see words that were poorly translited in the book making it look like it does not line up with the bible

But I ask you what parts do you think do not line up with the bible because I like to check it with my understanding because like my bible there parts I read over and over and missed things and I only read the Mormon book one time.

I plan on visit the Mormon's church one day but just a visit because they seem a little puff up or at least the two who stop my here one day.

The problen I have is they seem to think the word was lost about 200 AD until their church was open but the truth is the love of God as never been lost but many churches have got fasle or uncomplete teaching in their group like some of the Mormon teachings.

A lot is due to reading a translation and not getting the truth from above by one on one talks with God by the way of Jesus Christ.

Now I wecome all groups to visit and share their heart with me and I at times visit one out of the blue

that all for now my friend

with love and an holy kiss blowing your way Roy