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my granddad
hey everyone,

I was just wondering what exactly is the main differences between mormonism and christianity? And do you believe mormons go to heaven. My granddad is a mormon and he's very passionate about his faith, but I'm worried that what he believes is wrong. I don't want to offend him but as a christian I feel I should tell him about my faith. What should I do?


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mormonism is a classic style cult, first of all is the fact of the extrabiblical books created by joseph smith that he claimed to be a "translation from the latter saints" such as the book of mormon and doctrines and covenants, he also composed another book that is taken by the lds as a scripture in "the pearl of great price". from an external view they would look like decent folks, and at heart most of them are; however, they do now know God, this is proven by their beliefsof the false prophet (proven of which by the fact that teachings are directly contradictory to the spiritual truth adn the Word of the living God.

as for ur grandad pray for him to get saved, better yet pray for him to get saved and wake up some others that are deceived into this heresy

God bless u and may the knowlege be yours